Five Fall Fragrance Favorites

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Frosted Lavender Fragrance

Summer is winding down, the school year is starting, and autumn will soon display its colors. To celebrate the season, Aire-Master is pleased to introduce a new fragrance for fall and winter, Frosted Lavender, available through next February. We have also highlighted four additional fall favorites from Aire-Master’s extensive fragrance list.

It’s no coincidence that most of these scents are also food flavors. Fall is the traditional harvest time, when summer’s labors yield winter’s provisions. Apples, cinnamon, cranberries, vanilla — yes, we are trying to make you hungry! Contact your service representative today, and enjoy the season in your establishment.

Apple Cider

This warm apple aroma is perfectly balanced with cinnamon and sugar, a wonderful blend of fruity, spicy, and sweet.

Frosted Lavender

Our latest release. Lavender and holly berry with fresh green top notes, sweet berry and floral base notes.

Cinnamon Spice

One of our most popular choices, very long lasting. An unexpectedly complex blend of quality ingredients.


A lightly fruity fragrance with a hint of green top notes and a suggestion of brown sugar in the base. Not too sweet, not too tart.

Vanilla Bean

Another of our best sellers and best performers. Warm and mellow, deep and comforting. Sweet without being cloying.

Six Great Scents for Summer

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Tahitian Sunset Fragrance

Summer is here, and the warm weather is upon us. Aire-Master has an extensive fragrance list, and we’ve picked out a half dozen that are perfect for sunny days. If you want to try one of these great summer scents, contact your service representative today!

Clean Cotton

Like clean laundry drying in the breeze, Clean Cotton is a fresh linen fragrance, with crisp citrus top notes.

Golden Mango

An Aire-Master classic, Golden Mango has been a favorite among our customers for many years. A sweet tropical blend, and a top performer that really lasts.

Grapefruit Zest

The grapefruit citrus and green floral notes of this fragrance are like a cool summer morning on the patio, surrounded by the sweet dew on the grass and flowers.

Juicy Watermelon

Nothing goes better with warm summer weather than a sweet, juicy watermelon! This fragrance actually contains a variety of fruits and melons, with some floral notes to make it last.

Summer Breeze

This is one of our most popular scents. It has hints of berries and apples, with a powdery base. Summer Breeze is available with our standard deodorizing service, ScentScapes® service, and as a concentrated liquid deodorant.

Tahitian Sunset

Aire-Master’s newest fragrance. A crisp blend of mango and jasmine, with orange, peach, and pineapple top notes. A real tropical treat!

Holiday Fragrances Available Now

By Fragrance, Odor Control

Aire-Master is pleased to announce the availability of our Holiday Fragrances to make any business smell great during October, November and December:

Holly Berry evergreen with a berry twist
Pumpkin Spice warm spice and clove aroma
Cranberry sweet cranberry aroma
Apple Cider warm, fresh apple and cinnamon aroma
Winterwoods evergreen with a floral twist
Vanilla Bean warm vanilla aroma, long lasting
Cinnamon Spice fresh cinnamon aroma

Holiday FragrancesAire-Master’s unique custom blends of cosmetic-grade essential oils and true deodorants will make any business smell great for the holidays. Unpleasant odors are eliminated and you will project an image of quality and cleanliness to your customers and employees.

Your customers will remember you more by what they smell than what they see. Consumers today are very brand conscious through the use of all of their senses. In fact, research shows that smell has a greater impact on purchasing and employee productivity than everything else combined. 75% of emotions are generated by smell because it has the most direct path to the emotional center of the brain.

Creating a fresh scent experience, even a light one, enhances the impression of any room or space. Aire-Master’s holiday fragrances can create that inviting aroma that can put customers in spending mood, forge powerful emotional connections, or create memorable brands.

Scent Brand Your Business

Aire-Master’s holiday fragrances can also help you to scent brand your business, in the mind of the consumer, through the sense of smell. Scent branding can induce pleasant feelings, reduce anxiety, change perception, increase recall, increase learning, and trigger memory and desire.

Aire-Master’s holiday fragrances are excellent for hotels, restaurants, retail stores, casinos, care facilities, amusement and recreation facilities, commercial buildings and offices.

Designed for Your Environment

Whether it is in lobbies, offices, hallways, retail spaces, showrooms, meeting rooms, locker rooms, restrooms, waiting rooms, eating areas, food preparation areas or living spaces, Aire-Master has a holiday fragrance that will help you create a fresh scent brand experience to everyone that enters.

Dirty Restrooms Turn Customers Away

By Cleaning And Disinfecting, Fragrance

Negative reactions to restroom conditions will keep customers from returning to a restaurant. In 2008, Harris Interactive conducted a poll of U.S. adults and found that diners link restroom hygiene to the overall hygiene of the establishment. In other words, if the restroom is dirty, the kitchen must be dirty. The top turn-off was an overflowing toilet, followed closely by unpleasant odors. We know something about that.

Here are the top conditions that will keep customers from coming back:

top restroom conditions that keep customers from coming back


The Sense of Smell

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Nose / brain profile image

What the Nose Knows

The human sense of smell often goes unconsidered, but it is the sense with the most direct path to the emotional centers of the brain.

The nose is often assumed to be the organ of smell reception, when in fact, it is not. The primary function of the nose is to regulate the temperature and the humidity of the air we breathe, in order to protect the delicate linings of each nostril.

The olfactory receptors themselves are located at the top of the nose. There are 50 million smell receptors in the human olfactory epithelia, the total size of which, in humans, is about that of a small postage stamp, with half being at the top left and half at the top right nostril. Olfactory cells are not very long-lived. In fact there is a constant turnover of these cells. Their average active life has been estimated to be about 28 days.

A major neurological feature of the sense of smell is the large number of receptor cells that converge upon a relatively small number of secondary cells, located in the olfactory bulbs, which lie on the under surface of the brain. This convergence indicates that the sense has evolved in terms of sensitivity. It has been calculated that as few as seven or eight molecules striking an olfactory cell will produce a nerve impulse with about forty nerve cells needing to be stimulated before a smell sensation is reported. There have been numerous theories of olfaction, but all have failed to fully explain how we detect smells.

Studies have shown that a pleasant aroma, even a very light one, enhances the impression a room makes on those that enter it.

In addition to small receptors, the nose of humans contains another system, a touch system, which is often mistakenly assumed to be part of the sense of smell. This second system is the trigeminal system and it is part of the extensive 5th cranial nerve. Somatosensory, or touch nerves, detect pungent substances, such as ammonia, carbon dioxide and acetic acid. The chemosensory system is best illustrated by the protective head averting reflex when a pungent substance, such as household ammonia, is inhaled.

ScentScapes® Service

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scentscapes service

Aire-Master ScentScapes® service eliminates unwanted odors in medium to large spaces and imparts a pleasant background aroma.

How ScentScapes® Service Works

  • We will place or install a D2000 dispenser in your problem area.
  • Every service period, we will replace the deodorant and perform any necessary maintenance.
  • Actually kills bad odors; not just a smelly fragrance cover-up
  • Imparts a fresh background fragrance using unique blends of essential oils and fine aromatics.
  • Select from a large variety of fragrances.

How it Benefits You

  • 24 hour protection against bad odors
  • No equipment to buy
  • Complements your daily cleaning
  • Projects an image of cleanliness

Scent Branding

ScentScapes® is an ideal way to put scent marketing to work for you. Aire-Master can help you select a signature fragrance that fittingly represents your company and will give your customers a unique, memorable brand experience.