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Additional Services

The little things that help prevent big problems

Small problems left unaddressed can turn into big issues. Aire-Master sees to the details that are easy to overlook. Let us help you deal with the little things before they become big things.

Restroom Add-Ons

Urinal screen & shields, blue-water toilet cleaners, floor mats, and other accessories help keep your restrooms clean and odor free. Aire-Master will replace each item on a regular schedule (usually every 2–4 weeks depending on restroom traffic).

Aire-Master urinal screen

Urinal Screens

Our Wave Urinal Screens with fresh fragrances use enzymes to help stop clogs. We will install and replace regularly.

Aire-Master urinal shield

Venus Urinal Shield

This domed shield fits over urinal traps and keeps drains from clogging. Contains enzymes and detergent to reduce soils and help clean surface, interiors and drains. We will install and replace regularly.

Urinal Floor Mats

Urinal and Commode Mats

These effective mats absorb urine splashes and drips around urinals and toilets. Helps prevent bad odors while protecting floors from stains. We will install and replace regularly.

Aire-Master Pottie Blue

Pottie Blue

This product is placed in the toilet’s tank each service period to reduce soil build-up in the tank and bowl. Contains deodorants, detergents, water conditioner, and blue coloring.

Baby changing station

Baby Changing Stations

Each service visit, we will clean all surfaces of these changing tables, removing soils—using hospital-grade disinfectants to eliminate bacteria and germs.

Spraying Aire-Master You're N Control

You’re N Control®

Each service period Aire-Master will spray You’re N Control Bio/ Enzymatic Deodorant around toilets, urinals, and other fixtures. Its powerful enzymes eat away at organic waste such as urine, feces, vomit, and blood. Leaves a fresh clean scent.

Fly Control

Aire-Master can help make your fly problem manageable. We use a combination of safe, effective insect control products to establish a line of defense against the vile offenders. We’ll make sure your dispensers or UV lights are in good working order by replacing cartridges, cans and batteries as needed.

Aire-Master fly trapping systems

Fly Trapping Systems

The Insect Inn Ultra II and Fruit Fly Patrol units use UV light to draw flies and other insects in. They’re stuck and trapped permanently hidden from view. Perfect for use in kitchens and eating areas. Meets USDA & FDA guidelines. For small and large spaces.

Metered Fly Control System

Metered Aerosol System

Kill flying pests! Features auto-default mode that sprays every 15 minutes/24 hours a day! Contains Quest-On-Time Insecticide. EPA registered and meets USDA guidelines. No lingering odor.

Aire-Master BLAST Kit

Liquid Spray System

The Blue Lagoon® Area Spray Treatment (BLAST) Kit contains a quart of concentrated Blue Lagoon and pump sprayer for 3–5 full tanks of ready-to-use product. Contains citronella to repel flies and kill odors.

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What our customers are saying

We have been happy with Aire-Master in all services they provide for us. After using many jack of all trades as service providers, Aire-Master is a cut above the rest and the quality is superior to any of our previous supplier's product.

Tony, Elite Fitness Center

We were having some issues with our men's restroom and Aire-Master made the suggestion that we try a urinal mat. We did and everyone is very pleased with that service. We look forward to their visits and enjoy the products they bring us!

Cindy, CNH Reman