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Reminisce with these romantic fragrances.

The soft, sweet scent of springtime can lead to a stolen kiss under a starry night.

Romance fills the air, a fresh-cut arrangement sits in the moonlight on a Victorian veranda, and Southern lace sways softly in the clean night air, bringing with it hints of lightly scented florals and citrus. Live in an innocent lovers’ paradise of days gone by.

Amber Nights

Rich citrus floral with a woody base.
Top notes: lemon, orange mandarin, and tangelo.
Middle notes: jasmine, apple, lily of the valley, and carnation.
Base notes: vanilla, amber, woody, vetivert, and moss.

Amber Nights (romantic fragrances)

Bagettele Gabrielle

Soothing combination of rich bergamot and florals.
Top notes: bergamot, freesia, lavender.
Middle notes: neroli, tuberose, orange blossoms.
Base notes: cashmere vanilla, ylang ylang, bergamot.

Bagettele Gabrielle (romantic fragrances)


Unique floral blend with a hint of sweet fruit.
Top notes: clean and fresh.
Middle notes: blend of mixed fruity floral nuances.
Base notes: soft, sweet, and musky.

Floral (romantic fragrances)

Fresh Flower Bouquet

Rich, delicate floral bouquet picked from an aromatic Victorian garden.
Top notes: clean and fresh with hint of spice.
Middle notes: mixed fruit and florals with hint of lavender and balsam.
Base notes: soft, sweet, and musky with touch of spice and sandalwood.

Fresh Flower Bouquet (romantic fragrances)

Lavender Fields

A garden of lavender and herbs.
Top notes: fresh and clean camphoraceous.
Middle notes: smooth lavender with leafy nuances.
Base notes: woody with warm and musky floral undertones.

Lavender Fields (romantic fragrances)

Magnolia Blossom

An aromatic flower garden with hints of fruit and herbs.
Top notes: fresh and clean with hint of lemon.
Middle notes: mixed fruit with floral nuances.
Base notes: sweet and peppery with musky undertones.

Magnolia Blossom (romantic fragrances)


A backdrop of spring flowers with a blend of citrus.
Top notes: Clean and fresh with touch of lemon.
Middle notes: Mixed fruity florals with leafy nuances and hint of citrus.
Base notes: sweet and musky with herbaceous undertones and hint of floral.

Springtime (romantic fragrances)

Springtime Romance

A fresh, clean country garden of intense greens and florals.
Top notes: clean and cooling.
Middle notes: intense green with mixed, fruity blend of florals.
Base notes: warm herbaceous with musky undertones.

Springtime Romance (romantic fragrances)

Starry Night

Rich florals with citrus on a bed of fresh, silky moss.
Top notes: Crisp, clean florals with hint of zest.
Middle notes: Floral blend infused with mint and citrus nuances.
Base notes: Soft, sweet, and musky with leafy garden undertones.

Starry Night (romantic fragrances)

Sweet Dreams

Outdoorsy mix of soft lavender and soft vanilla.
Top notes: fresh, spicy and warm.
Middle notes: woody nuances and lavender blossoms with hint of pine.
Base notes: spicy, floral undertones with smooth sandalwood.

Sweet Dreams (romantic fragrances)