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Energize yourself with these uplifting fragrances

Wake up the mind and stimulate the senses.

Running through a green herb garden peppered with fresh mint and citrus, under a turquoise sky, is just what the doctor ordered. Inhale and experience the rejuvenating scent of a crisp, cool waterfall as it washes over you — an invigorating sensation that clarifies the mind!

Black Diamond

An aroma melody of crisp and cool citrus and spruce.
Top notes: lemon, citrusy, fruity.
Middle notes: fir needle and crisp spruce.
Base notes: sweet, spicy with woody undertones.

Black Diamond (uplifting fragrances)

Blue Agave

Bright, festive top notes with floral, woody base.
Top notes: bergamot tea, lime, and blue agave.
Middle notes: lavender, jasmine, and woody patchouli.
Base notes: bois de rose and woody.

Blue Agave (uplifting fragrances)

Blue Skies

Fresh, cooling blend of fruity greens and florals.
Top notes: fresh, clean and cooling.
Middle notes: crisp and green infused with fruity florals and hint of wintergreen.
Base notes: sweet floral undertones with warm, herbal nuances.

Blue Skies (uplifting fragrances)

Blue Waters

Fresh and breezy florals against leafy green nuances.
Top notes: fresh and clean.
Middle notes: mixed fruit with crisp leafy green nuances.
Base notes: soft, sweet, and musky with a hint of woody undertones.

Blue Waters (uplifting fragrances)


Tart, crisp blend of lemon, lime, and orange.
Top notes: lemon.
Middle notes: lime, orange.
Base notes: mild floral with peppery undertones.

Citrus (uplifting fragrances)

Citrus Blossom

Floral blend with orange top notes.
Top notes: tart citrus, citrus zest.
Middle notes: rose and violet floral.
Base notes: fresh musk, mossy.

Citrus Blossom (uplifting fragrances)

Citrus Crush

Bright tangy citrus in a fresh clean breeze.
Top notes: fresh, clean, and lemony.
Middle notes: crisp green with citrus.
Base notes: smooth, musky floral with peppery undertones.

Citrus Crush (uplifting fragrances)

Citrus Mint

Minty fresh citrus and mixed berries with soft florals.
Top notes: cool mint, citrus zest, intense vanilla.
Middle notes: fresh peppermint, tart citrus, with warm vanilla.
Base notes: herbaceous with peppery and musky undertones.

Citrus Mint (uplifting fragrances)

Citrus Sky

A light, breezy day mixed with crisp citrus and hint of warm florals.
Top notes: fresh, clean, and lemony.
Middle notes: crisp and green with a tart citrus blend.
Base notes: smooth floral undertones and peppery nuances.

Citrus Sky (uplifting fragrances)

Emerald Woods

Crisp, leafy experience of evergreens, rich spruce set in the woody outdoors.
Top notes: fresh and cooling with spice.
Middle notes: green and leafy with rich spruce and balsam.
Base notes: warm, sweet, and musky with woody undertones.

Emerald Woods (uplifting fragrances)

Eucalyptus Spearmint

Revitalizing blend of crisp eucalyptus and fresh spearmint.
Top notes: cooling eucalyptus and fresh mint.
Middle notes: sweet floral and citrus peel.
Base notes: soft musk undertones.

Eucalyptus Spearmint (uplifting fragrances)


Cool blend of fir and spruce with sweet base notes.
Top notes: cooling and camphoraceous.
Middle notes: fir needle and rich spruce.
Base notes: warm, sweet woody undertones.

Evergreen (uplifting fragrances)


Cooling forest of pine comes indoors among light florals and soft musk.
Top notes: fresh and camphoraceous.
Middle notes: fir needle and pine.
Base notes: sweet floral with musky undertones.

Fabulous (uplifting fragrances)

Field of Dreams

Fresh citrus and spice along a woodsy, piney path.
Top notes: fresh, citrus, and spice.
Middle notes: green florals with hint of cooling pine.
Base notes: warm, woody, and herbaceous with patchouli undertones.

Field of Dreams (uplifting fragrances)

Fresh Orange

Fresh, natural orange.
Top notes: sweet orange zest, fresh lime twist.
Middle notes: red navel orange, sweet floral.
Base notes: bergamot, orange pith.

Fresh Orange (uplifting fragrances)

Grapefruit Zest

Grapefruit citrus and green floral notes.
Top notes: lemon, green, fruity.
Middle notes: jasmine, red currant, rose.
Base notes: peach, moss, leathery.

Grapefruit Zest (uplifting fragrances)

Green Tea and Bamboo

Vibrant, clean blend of citrus and sweet earthy woods.
Top notes: fresh citrus and spice.
Middle notes: green florals, woody.
Base notes: sweet sandalwood and patchouli undertones.

Green Tea and Bamboo (uplifting fragrances)


Fresh, leafy, herbal blend with warm, musky undertones.
Top notes: fresh, clean, and cooling.
Middle notes: intense green with leafy nuances.
Base notes: herbaceous, musky.

Herbal (uplifting fragrances)

Holiday Inn Type

Blend of sun-drenched citrus, fresh coastal breeze, and a floral bouquet of water lily and freesia.
Top notes: fresh, zesty, lemon, grapefruit, tangerine, lime.
Middle notes: mandarin, ginger blossom, apricot nectar, water lily, freesia.
Base notes: sandalwood, mint, musk.

Holiday Inn Type (uplifting fragrances)

Lemondrop Honeydew

A sassy blend of fresh cucumbers with a splash of tart citrus and soft florals.
Top notes: green cucumber with tart citrus.
Middle notes: mixed fruit, orange, lemon, and lime.
Base notes: soft florals and berries with peppery undertones.

Lemondrop Honeydew (uplifting fragrances)


Crisp, energy-boosting blend of distinct citrus and green botanicals.
Top notes: citrusy, lemondrop.
Middle notes: green, grassy.
Base notes: mild spice with floral undertones.

Lemongrass (uplifting fragrances)

Midnight Moonshine

Rich jasmine and patchouli blossoms blended together for a sweet experience.
Top notes: fresh, clean.
Middle notes: rich jasmine and patchouli blossom.
Base notes: sweet, soft musky undertones.

Midnight Moonshine (uplifting fragrances)


Fresh, cool, sweet minty blend.
Top notes: clean and cooling.
Middle notes: fresh peppermint, spearmint, and sweet wintergreen.
Base notes: warm and herbaceous.

Mint (uplifting fragrances)

Pink Grapefruit

Green and tart with crisp grapefruit.
Top notes: fresh and green.
Middle notes: tart citrus and crisp grapefruit.
Base notes: floral with musky undertones.

Pink Grapefruit (uplifting fragrances)

Sandy Beach

The fresh outdoors with a blend of citrus and florals.
Top notes: clean and ozonic, lemony.
Middle notes: crisp citrus with floral nuances.
Base notes: musky and smooth floral undertones.

Sandy Beach (uplifting fragrances)

Shiso Green Tea

Tangy citrus meets smooth green tea with floral nuances.
Top notes: fresh, lemon citrus.
Middle notes: herbaceous, green tea.
Base notes: florals, jasmine blossoms.

Shiso Grean Tea (uplifting fragrances)

Spring Rain

A lush back yard sprinkled with mixed fruits and colorful florals.
Top notes: fresh, clean, tangy.
Middle notes: fruity mix and green florals.
Base notes: woody with soft, sweet, musky undertones.

Spring Rain (uplifting fragrances)

Raffa Relax

Cooling peppermint with clean floral undertones.
Top notes: fresh, cooling, peppermint.
Middle notes: clean floral.
Base notes: lavender and rich geranium.

Raffa Relax (uplifting fragrances)

Turquoise Sky

Fresh fruit and vibrant florals kissed with hint of soft musk.
Top notes: fresh clean and ozonic.
Middle notes: green and citrus with mixed fruity floral nuances.
Base notes: sweet and soft, musky undertones.

Turquoise Sky (uplifting fragrances)

Winter Frost

Rich vanilla with the lightness of mint and lavender.
Top notes: Clean and cooling with sweet vanilla.
Middle notes soft floral nuances with wintergreen and citrus undertones.
Base notes: warm, musky floral with herbaceous undertones.

Winter Frost (uplifting fragrances)