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Reawaken your inner child with these fruity and fun fragrances

Relive the whimsy and delight of childhood with the smells of mouth-watering nostalgia.

Aire-Master’s fun fragrances are the memory-evoking aromas from childhood! Relive the fun of collecting fruity candies on spooky Halloween nights, smell the tangy scent of lemon ice, and breathe in the sweetness of swirly gum drops. You’ll recapture those moments and more, with every breath, as you experience these vibrantly exciting scents.

Apple Cider

Warm, fresh apple aroma.
Top notes: black current and ripe jonathan apple.
Middle notes: warm apple cider and cinnamon stick.
Base notes: applewood and dried clove bud.

Apple Cider (fun fragrances)

Berry Burst

Big splash of tart cranberries, zesty melon, and juicy fruit.
Top notes: berries, apples, citrus.
Middle notes: cranberries, mixed fruit and citrus blend.
Base notes: berry blend with soft florals and hint of applewood.

Berry Burst (fun fragrances)

Blackberry Cream Vanilla

A youthful spin on juicy berries, soft florals, and creamy vanilla.
Top notes: fruity, sweet juicy berry.
Middle notes: warm, mild floral.
Base notes: sweet creamy vanilla.

Blackberry Cream Vanilla (fun fragrances)

Blackberry Sage Tea

Mouth watering fragrance of juicy blackberry and sweet fruit.
Top notes: fruity, juicy blackberry.
Middle notes: mild tea and aromatic sage.
Base notes: intense sweetness with vanilla.

Blackberry Sage Tea (fun fragrances)

Buttered Popcorn

Mouth-watering buttery popcorn aroma.
Top notes: butter.
Middle notes: roasted corn.
Base notes: sweet caramel.

Buttered Popcorn (fun fragrances)

Cherry Berry

Wild cherry and berry blend.
Top notes: sweet cherry and tropical fruit.
Middle notes: sugared blackberry and raspberry.
Base notes: warm florals with vanilla undertones.

Cherry Berry (fun fragrances)

Citrus Splash

Spunky mix of tart citrus with a splash of cooling mint and florals.
Top notes: lemony and cooling.
Middle notes: tart, crisp citrus with mint and wintergreen.
Base notes: mild florals and berries with warm peppery undertones.

Citrus Splash (fun fragrances)


Sweet cranberry and fruit blend.
Top notes: caramelized strawberries, apple peel nuances.
Middle notes: tart crushed cranberries.
Base notes: applewood, sweet raspberry.

Cranberry (fun fragrances)

Cranberry Lemonade

A tangy citrus tidal wave of berries, tart cranberries, and blush of vanilla.
Top notes: lemon, berries, vanilla.
Middle notes: tart citrus and cranberries.
Base notes: mild florals with peppery undertones and sweet raspberry.

Cranberry Lemonade

Cucumber Melon

Sweet, green melon and cucumber on a blanket of mixed florals.
Top notes: green, fruity.
Middle notes: juicy melon and water cucumber.
Base notes: intensely sweet with mild floral undertones.

Cucumber Melon (fun fragrances)

Frosted Cranberry

Clean and cool mix of berries, wintergreen, and sweet florals.
Top notes: fresh, clean, berries.
Middle notes: crushed cranberries with rich spruce and lavender.
Base notes: sweet raspberry with warm, woody undertones.

Frosted Cranberry (fun fragrances)

Fruit Blend

Mouthwatering blend of juicy fruit and berries.
Top notes: ripe, juicy pineapple.
Middle notes: fruity, mixed berries / peachy.
Base notes: sweet, vanilla.

Fruit Blend (fun fragrances)

Fruit Explosion

Tart and tangy blend of citrus with mixed berries and florals.
Top notes: tart grapefruit and cucumber.
Middle notes: tangy citrus and mixed fruit.
Base notes: mixed berries with soft floral undertones.

Fruit Explosion (fun fragrances)

Fruit Salad

A juicy blend of cucumbers and watermelon, mixed fruit, and floral highlights.
Top notes: cucumber, citrus, and sweet vanilla.
Middle notes: watermelon, mixed fruit, and hint of florals.
Base notes: florals, mixed berries and warm undertones.

Fruit Salad (fun fragrances)

Fruit Slices

Sweet, tangy, and tart fruit blend.
Top notes: grapefruit.
Middle notes: orange, lemon peel.
Base notes: mixed ripe berries.

Fruit Slices (fun fragrances)


A nose-quenching splash of juicy fruits, berries, and sweet florals.
Top notes: apple, tart, sour lemon.
Middle notes: sweet red berries, grape, rose petal.
Base notes: peach, violet, musk.

Fyre (fun fragrances)

Green Apple

A knock-your-socks-off blend of tart green apples with blush of blossoms.
Top notes: intensely green, sharp and powerful.
Middle notes: fruity, sweet, apple.
Base notes: mild floral with musky undertones.

Green Apple (fun fragrances)

Halloween Night

Warm spicy blend of cinnamon and cloves and sweet citrus.
Top notes: spices with sweet, smooth vanilla.
Middle notes: cinnamon and cloves with floral nuances and hint of citrus zest.
Base notes: warm balsamic, musky tones and touch of mixed berries.

Halloween Night (fun fragrances)

Hawaiian Tropic

Tropical fruit and coconut dance on a bed of soft florals.
Top notes: green, fruity.
Middle notes: sweet, tropical, coconut.
Base notes: mild floral undertones.

Hawaiian Tropic (fun fragrances)

Juicy Melon

Sweet melon and mixed fruit.
Top notes: powerful, green cucumber.
Middle notes: mixed fruit, juicy melon.
Base notes: very sweet with soft musky/floral undertones.

Juicy Melon (fun fragrances)

Lemon Drop Vanilla

Tangy, juicy blend of citrus, fruit, and soft florals.
Top notes: fresh, cool lemon.
Middle notes: tangy citrus with fruity florals.
Base notes: sweet mixed berries and warm undertones.

Lemon Drop Vanilla (fun fragrances)

Lemon Ice

Ensemble of tart citrus, cool pine, and hint of smooth vanilla.
Top notes: vanilla with cooling lemon.
Middle notes: crisp citrus and vanilla with rich spruce.
Base notes: floral with woody, musky undertones.

Lemon Ice (fun fragrances)

Mulled Cider

A crisp, clean blend of woody fruit and spice.
Top notes: fruity, apple.
Middle notes: spicy, clove / cinnamon.
Base notes: mild floral with woody-musky undertones.

Mulled Cider (fun fragrances)


Tart, crisp fusion of fruity goodness and sweet florals.
Top notes: lemon, orange peel.
Middle notes: fruity.
Base notes: sweet floral.

Naqvi (fun fragrances)

Passion Fruit and Honeydew

Big splash of zesty fruit and melon dripping on a bed of berries and blossoms.
Top notes: crisp and tart with cucumber.
Middle notes: tangy citrus with mixed fruit.
Base notes: blend of mixed berries with floral nuances.

Passion Fruit and Honeydew (fun fragrances)

Pom Springs

Sweet, tropical fruit blend with a vanilla base.
Top notes: orange, mandarin, apple, and pear.
Middle notes: pomegranate, strawberry, raspberry, pineapple, plum, rose, and coconut.
Base notes: vanilla, woody, and amber.

Pom Springs (fun fragrances)

Raspberry Guava

Guava and raspberry come together infused with sweet fruit and green florals.
Top notes: fruity, berry, raspberry and guava.
Middle notes: green floral.
Base notes: sweet, warm musky undertones.

Raspberry Guava (fun fragrances)

Spring Orchard

Burst of herbs and fruit against a backdrop of florals.
Top notes: cooling with tart grapefruit.
Middle notes: leafy green and mixed fruit and hint of melon.
Base notes: sweet musky undertones with mixed berries.

Spring Orchard (fun fragrances)

Summer Evening

Perfect blend of fruit and juicy watermelon on an aromatic summer night of soft florals.
Top notes: crisp cucumber, clean, and tart.
Middle notes: fruity bend with watermelon and hint of tangy citrus.
Base notes: sweet florals with musky undertones and ripe, mixed berries.

Summer Evening (fun fragrances)


An explosive, clean blend of fruit with smooth vanilla.
Top notes: tart grapefruit and sweet vanilla.
Middle notes: tangy citrus with soft floral nuances.
Base notes: mixed berries with warm, musky undertones.

Starburst (fun fragrances)

Swirly Gum Drops

A powerful blend of spice and chewy vanilla.
Top notes: powerful spice with creamy vanilla.
Middle notes: intense cinnamon with floral nuances.
Base notes: warm and musky balsamic undertones.

Swirly Gum Drops (fun fragrances)


A concentrated mix of zesty citrus, mouthwatering fruit and sweet florals.
Top notes: citrus, orange peel.
Middle notes: sweet, fruity with strawberry and raspberry.
Base notes: light floral with musk undertones.

Volcano (fun fragrances)

Watermelon Lemonade

Melon and citrus collide among soft florals and berries.
Top notes: green cucumbers, touch of lemon.
Middle notes: mixed fruit and watermelon with tart citrus.
Base notes: mixed berries with soft floral undertones.

Watermelon Lemonade (fun fragrances)

Wild Grape

Sweet grape nicely balanced with spice and woody pine.
Top notes: ripe banana and sweet fruity.
Middle notes: aromatic concord grapes.
Base notes: soft lily floral with vanilla undertones.

Wild Grape (fun fragrances)