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Idaho Apartment Association Supplier of the Year

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Patty Thies, Idaho Apt Association award

The Idaho Apartment Association hosted their 2019 Awards Ceremony January 9, 2020. They recognized many members for their participation in the Apartment Association, and Aire-Master franchisee Patty Thies, Aire-Master of the Gem State, was named the 2019 Outstanding Supplier of the Year.

The Idaho Apartment Association is the fastest growing apartment association in the United States. Patty is a founding member and has been actively involved since its inception.

In 2018, the Idaho Apartment Association built a home that they auctioned off. All proceeds went to the St. Jude’s Miracle Network and St. Jude’s House. Patty was one of the sponsors of that home, and many people appreciated Aire-Master’s involvement with this fundraiser.

Patty was a judge for some of the 2019 award categories and was involved in the interviewing process. Patty also presented two awards: 2019 Leasing Agent of the Year, and 2019 Property Manager of the Year.

Patty was notified in December 2019, that she was one of finalists for the 2019 Outstanding Supplier of the Year. Congratulations to our own Patty Thies, Aire-Master of the Gem State!

New Franchisees, Marty and Michelle Lax

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Marty and Michelle Lax began their franchise, AM of Central Alabama, in January 2017. Their sales territory includes the Alabama counties of Jefferson and Shelby, with Birmingham as the major city.

Marty has a lot of sales experience and has worked the past 12 years as the National Sales Manager for an advertising company. Marty shares that the advertising industry is tough because once you sell advertising to a customer, they may not purchase more for quite some time. You have to go out and find another customer.

Marty researched the internet, magazines, and anywhere that franchise opportunities were listed. He has previously owned businesses and wanted a franchise system that could help him succeed — where he was not alone in business.

Marty was particularly drawn to Aire-Master’s repeat business model. He and Michelle traveled to visit a competitor but were not impressed with their operation. They also visited Aire-Master corporate offices and were very comfortable with the management staff, who answered the questions they needed to make a decision for their future.

Michelle works as a procurement agent for a large company and deals with many vendors every year. She also saw the potential that the Aire-Master franchise system offers their family. They loved the products and services and the great sales potential that the Birmingham, Alabama, area offers.

We are excited to have new service representatives in Alabama, and we welcome Marty and Michelle to the Aire-Master family! Marty completed the online and inhouse Aire-Master training programs, and is available for service now. To ask about service in the Central Alabama area, email:

New Franchise in Denton, Texas

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Peter Berk began his franchise, Aire-Master of Denton County, in December 2016, in the Denton, Texas area. The service territory includes the Texas counties of Cooke, Denton, Fannin, Grayson, Montague, and Wise. Peter transferred his territory from long-time franchise Warren Ott (Northeast Texas).

Peter worked as a Certified Public Accountant for years and then moved into the financial mortgage industry. He brings a lot of personal relationship skills and sales experience to his franchise. Peter has completed his in-house and onsite training programs. He is now operating his Aire-Master business full-time.

Peter had researched our competitors, and was more impressed with Aire-Master —and the expanded and diverse service offerings. He met with Gama Dominguez (Collin County), Guillermo Ramirez & Kathia Rosario (Dallas County). They were extremely helpful in answering questions and showing him the sales potential in his franchise territory of 934,000 population.

To inquire about service in the Denton, Texas area, email:

Jim and Pat Schwartz, Western New York

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Jim and Pat Schwartz are one of our many wonderful stories at Aire-Master and we couldn’t be more proud of them. They have been with Aire-Master since August, 1996, operating Aire-Master of Western New York. In fact, we’ve just celebrated their 20th year with us and honored them with an anniversary award.

Before Aire-Master, Jim and Pat both worked many years for the Safety and Security Department at Alfred College in New York. However, due to downsizing and Jim’s job being moved out of state, they both found themselves in need of employment. So they decided this would be a perfect opportunity to get back into business for themselves.

Having already worked with a cosmetic franchisor years earlier, Jim knew enough about franchising to give him a good idea of what he was looking for. While researching, he noticed Aire-Master among the franchise systems available in Entrepreneur Magazine. Jim discovered that Aire-Master hit many of the things that he was interested in, such as cost of ownership, repeat business, quality of product, and a positive relationship with the franchisor.

Jim and Pat Schwartz, Aire-Master of Western New York

Today, Jim and Pat employ many people, operate numerous service routes, and offer the full line of Aire-Master services to their customers. Over the years, as they have grown their franchise, they’ve received many recognitions for their achievements. Jim reasons, “Why recreate the wheel,” as they easily leaned into Aire-Master’s methods and strategies. This helped position their franchise as one of the top revenue generating franchises in the Aire-Master system.

Jim confesses that partnering with Aire-Master was naturally scary at first, but looking back now he says, “As it turns out, it was a blessing. It was the best thing we ever did!”

Watch the video above to hear an incredible story from Jim Schwartz on how he built a relationship with Watkins Glen International — who has become his largest customer.

Douglas McCauley and Aire-Master History

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Aire-Master’s CEO, Douglas McCauley, gives a brief history of Aire-Master and shares how he grew up working in his father’s business learning everything he could. Then he reveals how was entrusted with his family’s legacy of steering the direction of Aire-Master into the future. You’ll also hear how the strategies he put in place and decisions he made were pivotal in turning Aire-Master into the ever-growing, national franchise system it is today. Douglas McCauley closes his message by inviting you to discover if Aire-Master is right for you.

John and Melanie Michalik

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Melanie and John Michalik

John and Melanie Michalik are one of our many great stories at Aire-Master. They’ve enjoyed a growing Aire-Master franchise for over 15 years. In fact, they’ve just reached a new level in Aire-Master’s Million Dollar Club for reaching $4,000,000 in sales!

It all began in the Spring of 1999, when John and Melanie relocated to Delaware. John was excited about a new job opportunity awaiting him, while Melanie was uncertain of what there was for her. She began looking for new employment but was quickly discouraged when nothing seemed to click.

It was then that a former coworker of John’s encouraged them to contact Terry Cole, an Aire-Master franchisee in New Jersey. Terry would be able to talk with them about Aire-Master and show them the franchise system and how it worked. John and Melanie would then be able to decide if operating their own Aire-Master franchise would be a good fit for them.

After making contact, Terry invited Melanie on a “ride-along” to allow her to experience what a typical service day with Aire-Master was like. Melanie really enjoyed the route, the service, and meeting the Aire-Master customers. She immediately knew this was something she could do and enjoy doing. So John and Melanie contacted Aire-Master and the recruitment process began. After meeting with the people at the corporate office, Melanie said, “I was very impressed!” And Aire-Master was impressed with John and Melanie, too! They were eventually approved and gladly welcomed into the Aire-Master system.

During the years of building their franchise, many highlights stand out for them. One that Melanie enjoys sharing was the time they were servicing the restrooms in a popular fast food restaurant. While there, they found a distraught elderly woman standing outside the restrooms. John and Melanie asked her what was wrong. The woman told them her husband, who suffered with Alzheimer’s, hadn’t come out of the men’s room. Reluctant to go into the men’s room herself, she was very concerned that he might have become confused and not know where he was.

John and Melanie told the woman not to worry — they would go in and check on him. Sure enough, they found the elderly man just as the woman said. He was indeed confused, lost, and in need of being cleaned up. They quietly reassured him, got him presentable, and carefully escorted him back to his very appreciative wife. After seeing the elderly couple on their way, John and Melanie didn’t give it another thought. That is, not until a few few weeks later when the manager of the restaurant requested a meeting with them.

John and Melanie didn’t know what to expect — thinking that maybe they had done something wrong and were about to lose a good customer. At the top of the meeting, the manger handed them a letter. They were surprised to see that it was written by the elderly woman they helped at the restaurant weeks earlier. In the letter, the woman explained to the manager how nice the Aire-Master people were to her and her husband and of how thankful she was for their help that day.

John and Melanie looked up from the letter. The manager smiled at both of them and said, “You two made us look good that day. You are now part of our family. From now on, you will always have our business.” Melanie says that they have been their best customers for 15 years!

Reflecting on all the accomplishments John and Melanie have enjoyed as Aire-Master franchisees, Melanie quickly tells those that ask, “After all these years, I still say that becoming an Aire-Master franchise is one of the best things John and I have ever done!”