7 Ways to Boost Holiday Sales

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Happy 2015 Holiday Season Expected For Retailers

Now is the time to prepare your retail business to “cash in” on sales projected for this holiday season! Here’s why: The August report from states that the 2015 holiday season is expected to see the biggest sales increase since 2011. Also, the November and December retail sales are projected to increase 5.7% over the same period in 2014. Reasons for these positive sales projections are:

  • Increase in “real” income
  • Decrease in unemployment
  • Consumers’ willingness to spend in traditional retail categories

Here are seven suggestions that can help you take advantage of this encouraging upswing to boost holiday sales:

1. Get Your Store Ready

A lot of shoppers start early, so be ready. Make sure you have inventory in stock or on order. If you’re going to do any advertising, set your budget and reserve ad space now. Get your deals, discounts, and promotions in place, and start them posting on social media. Determine your staffing needs and plan your employees’ holiday schedules.

2. Get Your Staff Ready

You should always have your employees trained to deliver great service, of course. But they will need to go the extra mile during the holiday shopping season. It is crucial that the sales staff stay positive, friendly, and helpful. Even when the store is extra busy, staff members will need to spend extra time with customers to help them find what they need — and do it with a good attitude. Introduce a bonus program for your employees in advance, so they know their hard work will be appreciated and rewarded.

3. Sell Gift Cards (or Certificates)

Everybody loves gift cards. They save the buyer time. The recipient gets to come in later and shop for themselves. You don’t have to cover the inventory yet. It’s a win-win-win! Here’s a great tip: reward the person buying the gift card or certificate. They just referred your business to a friend or loved one — a potential new customer for you. “This person should get a coupon, a small gift, or some expression of appreciation…”

4. Connect With Your Community

Contact your local Chamber of Commerce to see if your town is doing a “shop local” campaign. If so, find a way to participate and promote both the local business community and your own business. Also, look for opportunities to promote local charities — either by joining a campaign or creating one to support a cause of your choice. You could, for example, donate a portion of all sales or sales of a particular item. Or perhaps you could match donations customers make while in the store. Be creative, encourage participation, and do some good in your community.

5. Create an Emotional Experience

Consumers today are very brand conscious by way of all their senses. Most people are visual learners, and the holidays provide a great time to decorate your business to create an emotional brand experience. Adding sight and sound creates a great ambiance for shoppers. It can also reduce stress from hectic schedules and make consumers slow down and “smell the roses.”

Strong emotions can be triggered by smell. Of all the senses, smell has the most direct path to the emotional center of the brain. Adding a scent marketing program can facilitate a serene state, prompting you to relax, buy more, and create memorable brands. From the time a customer enters your facility until they depart, you have an opportunity to create a fresh-scent brand experience.

Customers may remember you more by what they smell than what they see. And research shows that a pleasant aroma, even a very light one can create a unique brand experience that forges powerful emotional connections between you and your customers.

6. Track Your Results

As best you can, monitor your sales results. In other words, how many customers and sales dollars came from each advertising campaign, promotion, or offer? It’s okay to ask customers what brought them into the store. You can use the knowledge you gain to adjust your efforts from week to week and plan for next year.

7. Help Busy Retailers

If yours is not a retail business, the holidays provide you with a great opportunity to partner with retail stores and help them achieve their success — all while building brand awareness for your own business.

Retailers are busy through the holidays, so make a connection and build a relationship that benefits you both. As an example: if your business is food service, you can generate sales by reaching out to retailers now to arrange meal deliveries for their staff on busy days and hectic weeks. If you are a staffing company, you can aide in providing retailers with temporary workers. If your non-retail business provides any useful service, make sure to schedule those services now. Retailers will appreciate the freedom to focus on their own holiday rush without being sidetracked.

New Fragrance: Orange Dreamsicle

By Fragrance, Odor Control

Orange Dreamsicle Fragrance

Aire-Master is pleased to introduce our newest seasonal fragrance — Orange Dreamsicle. Contact your Aire-Master service representative to experience the delicious scent of sweet, fresh orange mixed with creamy vanilla. Orange Dreamsicle will be available through August 2015. Here are some other great fragrance choices for spring and summer:

  • Cherry Berry — Wild cherry and blueberry blend. Top notes: sweet cherry, tropical fruit. Middle notes: sugared blackberry and raspberry. Base notes: warm florals, vanilla undertone.
  • Fresh Orange — Just orange, no vanilla. Top notes: sweet orange zest, fresh lime twist. Middle notes: red navel orange, sweet floral. Base notes: bergamot, orange pith.
  • Summer Breeze —Berries and apples with powdery base. Top notes: warm tropical air, pineapple slice. Middle notes: jasmine, topical florals. Base notes: fresh woods, fresh musks.
  • Tahitian Sunset — A crisp blend of mango and jasmine, with orange, peach, and pineapple top notes. Top notes: citrus-orange, lemon leaf. Middle notes: fruity-pineapple, peach, strawberry. Base notes: musky-melon, coconut.
  • Wild Honeysuckle — Sweet, wild honeysuckle wrapped in a floral medley of golden ylang-ylang and night-blooming jasmine, freshened with sheer citrus musk. Top notes: green, floral, honeysuckle. Middle notes: honeysuckle, jasmine, floral. Base notes: honeysuckle, white floral, musk.

7 Surprising Facts About the Sense of Smell

By Fragrance

Brain reacting to smell

The human sense of smell may be the least understood of all the senses. Researchers are continually finding new and surprising facts about smell.

The World Smells Different to Each of Us

No two people have the same genetic make-up for the 400 smell receptors in the nose (except identical twins). The world smells different to everybody; we each live in our own private world of smells that is unique to us.

When You Are Sick, You Smell Sick

Your body gives off a detectable “unhealthy” odor when your immune system is highly active, as when fighting off an infection.

White Noise? White Light? There is Now a White Smell

You’ve no doubt heard of white light and white noise. Now scientists have created a smell called “olfactory white”, made by mixing 40 or more odor compounds in equal amounts. The researchers created four different olfactory white blends, none of which shared any common ingredients. Test subjects consistently identified them as the same scent.

You Can Smell How Other People Feel

Dutch researchers showed one group of men a scary movie, and another group a disgusting movie. Then they had female test subjects smell the men’s underarm sweat that had been collected. The women that smelled the “fear sweat” showed fearful facial expressions. The women that smelled the “disgust sweat” reacted with disgusted looks.

Scent Can Affect Your Mood and Your Perceptions

“The thought of pleasant fragrances may be enough to make us a bit more cheerful, but the actual smell can have dramatic effects in improving our mood and sense of well-being.” And: “If a person is clearly outstandingly beautiful, or extremely ugly, fragrance does not affect our judgement. But if the person is just ‘average’, a pleasant fragrance will tip the balance of our evaluation in his or her favour.”

You Started Smelling Things Before You Were Born

Studies showed that pregnant women’s amniotic fluid is full of the smells of the foods the mothers eat. And babies in the womb inhale and exhale more rapidly while the mother is eating.

Smell Can Trigger Memories and Emotions More Quickly Than the Other Senses

The olfactory center of the brain is directly connected the areas of the brain associated with emotion and memory. This could be why a particular scent can bring back a memory or emotion faster and stronger than a visual or verbal cue.

Holiday Fragrance Holly Berry is Back

By Fragrance, Odor Control

Holly Berry Holiday Fragrance

Holly Berry, one of our most requested seasonal fragrances is back for fall & winter. A blend of evergreen and cranberry with a floral twist, Holly Berry has nuances of apples, pine needles, and citrus zest, with spicy, earthy undertones. Contact your Aire-Master service representative to give it a try!

Many of our standard scents are also great fall / winter / holiday fragrances:

  • Apple Cider — Warm, fresh apple aroma. Top notes: black current, ripe jonathan apple. Middle notes: warm apple cider, cinnamon stick. Base notes: applewood, dried clove bud.
  • Cinnamon Spice — Fresh cinnamon aroma. Top notes: cassia and cinnamon spice. Middle notes: warm sweet hay. Base notes: clove bud, creamy vanilla.
  • Cranberry — Sweet cranberry aroma. Top notes: caramelized strawberries, apple peel nuances. Middle notes: tart crushed cranberries. Base notes: applewood, sweet raspberry.
  • Vanilla Bean — Warm, long lasting vanilla aroma. Top notes: sweet floral, coconut nuance. Middle notes: vanilla bean, creamy vanilla. Base notes: sweet sun-kissed hay.

Wild Honeysuckle for Spring & Summer

By Fragrance, Odor Control

Wild Honeysuckle

Aire-Master is pleased to introduce our newest seasonal fragrance — Wild Honeysuckle. Contact your Aire-Master service representative to experience the intoxicating scent of sweet, wild honeysuckle wrapped in a floral medley of golden ylang-ylang and night-blooming jasmine, freshened with sheer citrus musk.

Wild Honeysuckle will be available through August 2013. Here are some other great fragrance choices for spring and summer:

Cloud Burst

An Aire-Master classic, Cloud Burst is a fresh, clean citrus and floral mixture.

Juicy Watermelon

Nothing goes better with warm summer weather than a sweet, juicy watermelon! This fragrance actually contains a variety of fruits and melons, with some floral notes to make it last.

Lemon Twist

A bright, breezy, lemon-squeezy scent, with a twist of orange. You won’t find a more fresh and cheerful fragrance!

Summer Breeze

This is one of our most popular scents. It has hints of berries and apples, with a powdery base. Summer Breeze is available with our standard deodorizing service, ScentScapes® service, and as a concentrated liquid deodorant.

Tahitian Sunset

A crisp blend of mango and jasmine, with orange, peach, and pineapple top notes. A real tropical treat! Tahitian Sunset was last summer’s seasonal fragrance; it was so popular we added it to the regular lineup.