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Odor Control Services

We don’t mask odors,
we eliminate them!

Aire-Master makes it a breeze to remove bad smells that linger in the air.

Our deodorizing service gets rid of odors and leaves a light, fresh scent. We’ll install a system to fit your needs and offer you a wide variety of fragrances to choose from.

More than just freshening air, we’re talking eliminating odor at the molecular level.

Features safe, nontoxic, and VOC-compliant ingredients.

Contains high-quality essential and synthetic oils with unique aromatic blends.

The odor is removed and a fresh aroma takes its place scented perfectly to your space.

Scent Library

How big is your space?

We have options.

Small Space Units

Small Spaces

Our exclusive D50 & D1000 scent and deodorant dispensers are ideal for restrooms, offices, entries, short hallways, small lobbies, and waiting areas.

Medium Space Diffusers and Dispensers

Medium Spaces

The D100, D2000 and D2500 dispensers easily handle meeting rooms, large lobbies, and retail spaces.

D3000 & D4000 diffusers

Large Spaces

Our D3000 and D4000 dispensers are perfect for conference facilities, entertainment spaces, casinos, and large indoor environments such as atriums and auditoriums.

Portable Diffuser Unit


It only take 15-30 minutes for the D3500 to completely revitalize a hotel room or apartment.

We’ll maintain the equipment at no cost and keep the deodorant and fragrance replenished for a small fee.

That Simple.

Professionally serviced and maintenanced on a schedule.

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Now let’s focus on the odor source.

Drains, Floors, Urinals, Fabrics. You name the surface. It can stink.

Whatever odors cling to, we’re there to eliminate and prevent future odors.

Cleaning hand

The source of an odor problem can be difficult to remove with normal cleaning, but we’ll find and eliminate it.
You’ll be left with a refreshing, odor-free environment.

Solutions Additionally

On the go and serious business products for your business.

Available through your local Aire-Master representative.
Representative Locator
Mango Bay Dry Air Freshener and Deodorant

Mango Bay

Air & Fabric Deodorizing Spray
A dry, non-staining spray eliminates odors on carpeting, upholstery, draperies, and clothing. Neutralizes tobacco smoke. Mango island fragrance.

Odor Fogger

Odor Neutralizing Fogger

Total Release or Intermittent Spray
Effective against odors associated with cooking, body odors, smoke, tobacco, decay, trash, urine, feces, and pet odors. Treats 6000 cubic feet. VOC compliant. Pleasant, clean linen fragrance.

Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon®

Super Concentrated Deodorant
Aire-Master’s premier liquid deodorant! Contains citronella to repel insects including fleas and flies. Spray on most fabrics and surfaces, add to laundry, pour into floor drains to reduce sewer odors, and add to mop water when cleaning floors. Highly concentrated, makes up to 32 gallons ready-to-use deodorant.

You're N Control

You’re N Control

Bio/Enzymatic Deodorant
Powerful, rapidly multiplying enzymes eliminate odors caused by organic waste such as urine, feces, vomit, blood, and even skunks. Ready-to-use on fabrics and hard surfaces. Safe for use around children and pets.

Summer Breeze

Summer Breeze

Concentrated Liquid Deodorizer
Freshen just about anything by spraying freely on any water-safe surface. Remove tobacco, food, and pet odors. Safe around children and pets. Leaves a light, fresh scent. Highly concentrated, makes up to 32 gallons ready-to-use deodorant.

Blast Kit Foam Sprayer

Blast It with Blue Lagoon Blast Kit

Blue Lagoon® Area Spray Treatment

Ready to get a handle on odors like a Aire-Master professional?
Available through your local representative.

Kit contains a quart of concentrated Blue Lagoon and pump sprayer for 3–5 full tanks of ready-to-use deodorant. Unique spray tip allows Foam, Mist, or Stream selections. For use on all surfaces.

Time is up for surface and airborne odors.

No contracts.
No equipment for you to buy.
No hassle.

Aire-Master has been the complete odor control solution for businesses like yours since 1958.

Ever wish you worked for yourself?

Aire-Master Vehicle
There may be franchise opportunities in your area.

Check out on how partnering with Aire-Master can be the best decision you make.

What about Aire-Master for home?

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What our customers are saying

Excellent customer service and the fragrances are very high quality. We are very happy with the high quality essential oils. We would never consider going with a competitor.

Heather, KCEE Property Management

As a premium graphic design business, we want our showroom to have a pleasant fragrance as our customers enter. Aire-Master service and quality is second to none. We are pleased to have them as our vendors now for almost 5 years. Truly. a very professional group.

Rick, D-Signs

If you want great deodorizing with fantastic fragrances, then hire Aire-Master. We have compliments from customers daily. We appreciate their prompt service and follow thru.

Carlo, D. Carlo