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Wake up refreshed with these clean, fresh fragrances

Take a deep breath of crisp, golden, sunlit morning air.

Aire-Master’s fresh fragrances will wake you up to a soft blowing coastal breeze — bringing with it the light, crisp scent of a nearby forest floor. Smell the wet dew on an open window pane as the soft glow of the morning sun filters through clean linens drying on the line. Take a deep breath, slide out of bed, and drink it all in!

Asian Mountains

A fresh, clean breath on a mountainside of green and woods.
Top notes: fresh, clean, ozonic.
Middle notes: crisp and green with woody nuances.
Base notes: sweet and musky with floral undertones.

Asian Mountains (fresh fragrances)

Australian Coast

Clean, fresh blend of citrus and cool mint.
Top notes: fresh, clean and ozonic.
Middle notes: lemon / citrus with a hint of fresh mint.
Base notes: sweet floral with soft musky undertones.

Australian Coast (fresh fragrances)

Bamboo Rain Forest

Stroll through a thick forest of dew-kissed foliage and clean air.
Top notes: fresh and citrusy.
Middle notes: clean and green.
Base notes: warm and herbaceous with floral highlights.

Citrus Basil

Clean, zesty mix of bright citrus and earth florals.
Top notes: fresh, clean, crisp.
Middle notes: citrus, herbaceous.
Base notes: woody floral undertones.

Clean Cotton

Fresh linen with clean citrus top notes.
Top notes: crisp, fresh cotton linens.
Middle notes: ozonic, calming watery floral.
Base notes: green florals, creamy woody.

Clean Cotton (fresh fragrances)

Clear Mist

A bright mix of florals softly kissed with mint and citrus.
Top notes: Fresh and clean.
Middle notes: Mixed fruity florals with leafy nuances and hint of citrus.
Base notes: Sweet and musky with warm herbaceous nuances and musky undertones.

Clear Mist (fresh fragrances)

Clear Springs

Refreshing romp through cool leafy herbs highlighted with sweet sandalwood and soft florals.
Top notes: spicy, warm, and clean.
Middle notes: green and woody nuances with hint of citrus.
Base notes: sweet sandalwood with musky undertones and hint of soft florals.

Clear Springs (fresh fragrances)

Coastal Breeze

Blend of fresh florals and crisp breezy greens.
Top notes: fresh, clean leafy florals.
Middle notes: crisp and green with floral blend and touch of mint.
Base notes: sweet and soft florals with a mellow, musky undertone.

Coastal Breeze (fresh fragrances)

Cool Mountain Mist

Crisp, leafy florals with touch of mint.
Top notes: clean and cooling and minty.
Middle notes: intense green with leafy nuances and wintergreen.
Base notes: herbaceous and musky undertones with warm nuances.

Cool Mountain Mist (fresh fragrances)

Crisp Morning

Fresh outdoors set among citrus, wintergreen, and florals.
Top notes: fresh, clean, and ozonic.
Middle notes: intense green with leafy nuances, hint of citrus, peppermint, and wintergreen.
Base notes: warm herbaceous with musky floral undertones.

Crisp Morning (fresh fragrances)

Cucumber Mint

Crisp cucumber with touch of mint.
Top notes: fresh, green and leafy.
Middle notes: watery cucumber and mildly minty.
Base notes: warm herbaceous with musky floral undertones.

Cucumber Mint

Early Spring Morning

A zesty breeze of citrus of wintergreen and soft florals.
Top notes: citrus, cooling, ozonic.
Middle notes: florals with sweet wintergreen and citrus highlights.
Base notes: herbaceous, woody, and warm with musky and floral undertones.

Early Spring Morning (fresh fragrances)

Forest Floor

Warm blend of spice and rich spruce with touch of sandalwood.
Top notes: spicy, warm camphoraceous.
Middle notes: Leafy, woody nuances, fir needle and rich spruce.
Base notes: warm woody undertones, sandalwood and patchouli.

Forest Floor (fresh fragrances)

Fresh Air

A fresh, clean scent with floral and citrus tones.
Top notes: fresh, clean, and ozonic.
Middle notes: crisp and green, with a hint of citrus peel.
Base notes: smooth, musky floral undertones.

Fresh Air (fresh fragrances)

Fresh Cotton

Clean linen scent with a kiss of sweet florals.
Top notes: fresh, clean.
Middle notes: sweet florals.
Base notes: woody, warm sandalwood.

Fresh Cotton (fresh fragrances)

Fresh Zest Mod

Fresh, clean medley of citrus and cool kiss of pine.
Top notes: clean, fresh, citrus zest.
Middle notes: tart lemon, green pine needle.
Base notes: seamoss, amber, warm cedar.

Fresh Zest Mod (fresh fragrances)

Green Tea

Mild green fragrance with crisp, clean top notes and soft, woody undertones.
Top note: citrus.
Middle note: green floral.
Base note: woods.

Green Tea (fresh fragrances)

Green Clover and Aloe

Sweet, fresh florals and fruit supported by the soft warmth of musk.
Top notes: fresh, clean and ozonic.
Middle notes: green floral and herbaceous.
Base notes: soft musk with woody undertones.

Green Clover and Aloe (fresh fragrances)

Herbal Green Tea

A perfect mash up of cooling citrus and sweet, leafy florals.
Top notes: clean, cooling citrus.
Middle notes: green floral with leafy nuances.
Base notes: woody with warm, musky undertones.

Herbal Green Tea (fresh fragrances)

Karma and Luck

A serendipitous, clean blend of outdoorsy goodness.
Top notes: fresh, crisp, fir needle.
Middle notes: lavender blossoms.
Base notes: woody, musky with mossy undertones.

Karma and Luck (fresh fragrances)


Poignantly rich leather aroma.
Top notes: powerful, sharp.
Middle notes: intense Leather aroma.
Base notes: sweet amber with carmellic undertones.

Leather (fresh fragrances)

Lemon Peel

A bowl of citrus and fruit surrounded by florals.
Top notes: citrus, lemon peel.
Middle notes: fruity.
Base notes: floral.

Lemon Peel (fresh fragrances)

Linen and Sky

The sensation of being outdoors with soft, fresh, clean hints of florals and crisp citrus.
Top notes: clean, fresh, and ozonic, with a hint of citrus.
Middle notes: fruity mix of florals with crisp citrus nuances.
Base notes: soft, sweet, and musky with floral undertones.

Linen and Sky (fresh fragrances)

Litchfield No. 1 Type

Perfectly balanced mix of crisp, leafy florals and sweet cedar.
Top notes: green, leafy, crisp.
Middle notes: flowery with mild ginger.
Base notes: sweet cedarwood and musk.

Litchfield No. 1 (fresh fragrances)


A zesty blend of citrus and bright florals with a kiss of honeysuckle.
Top notes: bright citrus, fresh, green.
Middle notes: lily, neroli, honeysuckle, rose.
Base notes: orange blossom, vanilla, musk.

LPR (fresh fragrances)

Mountain Shadows

Fresh mountain florals backdropped with deep woody nuances.
Top notes: fresh, crisp and green.
Middle notes: amber notes with rich jasmine blossoms.
Base notes: woody with musky undertones.

Mountain Shadows (fresh fragrances)

Mountainside Wildflowers

Hillside meadow of florals and fresh greens with a subtle blanket of fruit and cucumber.
Top notes: fresh, hint of cucumber.
Middle notes: mixed fruit and florals with intense greens and touch of watermelon.
Base notes: sweet musk and warm herbaceous with floral tones.

Mountainside Wildflowers (fresh fragrances)


Green wave of citrus and a splash of fresh florals.
Top notes: clean, salty air.
Middle notes: green and citrus.
Base notes: fresh floral.

Ocean (fresh fragrances)

Paradise Retreat

Breezy outdoor getaway among fresh spice, leafy foliage, and soft florals and fruit.
Top notes: spicy, warm, and fresh.
Middle notes: leafy, woody balsam with hint of fruit, citrus, and floral nuances.
Base notes: sweet, smooth patchouli, and musky with mixed berry undertones.

Paradise Retreat (fresh fragrances)

Phoenix Resort Type

Fresh and fruity with a citrus blend of soft florals.
Top notes: fresh, clean, ozonic.
Middle notes: green, citrus and fruity.
Base notes: floral blend of rose and jasmine.

Phoenix Resort (fresh fragrances)

Sea Salt

Deep, clean blend of ocean mingled with drift wood and sea moss.
Top notes: fresh, clean, ozonic.
Middle notes: salty, sweet floral.
Base notes: smooth musk with mossy undertones.

Sea Salt (fresh fragrances)

Sheraton Type

A clean, fresh stage of fruity florals with a backdrop of musky wood..
Top notes: clean, ozonic.
Middle notes: fruity florals.
Base notes: soft musk and woody.

Sheraton Type (fresh fragrances)

Spring Showers

Fresh and lean greens and florals with woody nuances.
Top notes: fresh, clean, and ozonic.
Middle notes: green, watery, floral.
Base notes: woody with musky undertones.

Spring Showers (fresh fragrances)

Summer Breeze

A deep cleansing breath of sweet florals and mixed fruit.
Top notes: clean and fresh with cucumber.
Middle notes: mixed fruit and florals with hint of watermelon and citrus.
Base notes: smooth, sweet, and musky with floral undertones.

Summer Breeze (fresh fragrances)


Bright citrus and florals blend into a smooth woody base.
Top notes: citrus, lemon peel.
Middle notes: floral, jasmine blossom.
Base notes: woody with smooth musky undertones.

Vibrance (fresh fragrances)


Fresh fruit and florals.
Top notes: mild citrus and fruity.
Middle notes: fresh florals .
Base notes: sweet, and musky.

Whitewood (fresh fragrances)