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Drool over these mouthwatering, welcoming fragrances

Grandma’s kitchen is always a festive place of nourishing warmth and homemade goodness.

Happiness begins in the kitchen, and the smells of spiced baked goods wafting through the air brings back memories of festive Christmases and year-round tasty goodies. Surround yourself with the mouthwatering aromas from Grandma’s kitchen hearth and experience all the buttery goodness and unbelievable deliciousness it brings!

Birthday Cake

A scrumptious warm aroma of baked buttery goodness and vanilla.
Top notes: buttery.
Middle notes: intensely sweet with creamy vanilla.
Base notes: slightly herbaceous with warm undertones.

Birthday Cake (welcoming fragrances)


BBQ smokey blend of warm spices and woody undertones.
Top notes: charred wood and smoke.
Middle notes: warm and spicy.
Base notes: mild green and balsamic undertones.

BBQ (welcoming fragrances)

Brown Sugar Bacon

Rich, sizzling smoked bacon.
Top notes: smokey.
Middle notes: sweet, savory.
Base notes: woody, spicy.

Brown Sugar Bacon (welcoming fragrances)

Candy Apple

Sweet, mouth-watering apple.
Top notes: fruity, juicy apple.
Middle notes: spicy, cinnamon.
Base notes: sweet, carmellic.

Candy Apple (welcoming fragrances)


Rich and sweet, silky-smooth chocolate.
Top notes: chocolate / cocoa bean.
Middle notes: slightly fruity.
Base notes: sweet vanilla.

Chocolate (welcoming fragrances)

Chocolate Chip Cookie

The warm, buttery aroma of Grandma’s chocolate chip cookies.
Top notes: buttery, crusty.
Middle notes: rich chocolate.
Base notes: sweet and creamy.

Chocolate Chip Cookie (welcoming fragrances)

Cinnamon Spice

Spicy fresh baked cinnamon aroma.
Top notes: cassia and cinnamon spice.
Middle notes: warm sweet hay.
Base notes: clove bud, creamy vanilla.

Cinnamon Spice (welcoming fragrances)

Cinnamon Sugar Cookie

Perfect combination of cinnamon and warmly spiced sugar cookie.
Top notes: buttery, crusty.
Middle notes: cinnamon and spice.
Base notes: sweet, sugary, vanilla.

Cinnamon Sugar Cookie (welcoming fragrances)


A rich, smooth blend of aromatic coffee.
Top notes: fresh brewed coffee.
Middle notes: carmellic, slightly spicy.
Base notes: sweet, powerful.

Coffee (welcoming fragrances)

Cranberry Cobbler

A warm combination of tangy cranberry and smooth vanilla with a hint of spice.
Top notes: berries, fruity, and warm vanilla.
Middle notes: tart cranberries with floral nuances and hint of spice.
Base notes: applewood and raspberry with warm, musky undertones.

Cranberry Cobbler (welcoming fragrances)

Gingerbread Cookie

Soft chewy aroma of warm spice and sweet vanilla.
Top notes: warm vanilla and spice.
Middle notes: soft florals and sweet hay nuances.
Base notes: musky tones of vanilla and spice.

Gingerbread Cookie (welcoming fragrances)

Grandma's Kitchen

Festive spice against a backdrop of fir needle and spruce.
Top notes: cooling with powerful spice.
Middle notes: fir needle and spruce with cinnamon and clove.
Base notes: warm woody undertones with balsamic nuances.

Grandma's Kitchen (welcoming fragrances)

Harvest Spice

Powerful spicy cinnamon and clove blend with warm balsamic undertones.
Top notes: various spices.
Middle notes: cinnamon stick, clove bud.
Base note: balsamic.

Harvest Spice (welcoming fragrances)

Holiday Harvest

Festive blend of holiday spice with juicy fruit slices.
Top notes: spicy tart grapefruit.
Middle notes: cinnamon and clove with tangy citrus.
Base notes: sweet mixed berries with balsamic undertones.

Holiday Harvest (welcoming fragrances)

Lemon Meringue Lavender

Smooth, even blend of citrus and lavenders encircled with soft florals and peppery tones.
Top notes: lemon, sweet vanilla, lavender.
Middle notes: tart blend of citrus, soft florals and lavender.
Base notes: mixed florals with woody, peppery undertones.

Lemon Meringue Lavender (welcoming fragrances)

Orchard Spice

Fresh, handpicked fruit and soft, rich spice.
Top notes: crisp tart grapefruit and spicy.
Middle notes: tangy citrus with cinnamon and cloves.
Base notes: warm balsamic with peppery nuances.

Orchard Spice (welcoming fragrances)

Pumpkin Custard

Autumn comes to life with richly spiced pumpkin.
Top notes: cinnamon, cloves, and pumpkin spice.
Middle notes: fruity, rich, and creamy.
Base notes: intensely sweet vanilla.

Pumpkin Custard (welcoming fragrances)

Pumpkin Spice

Rich, smooth aroma of holiday pumpkin and spice.
Top notes: cinnamon, spice, and cloves.
Middle notes: fruity, pumpkin.
Base notes: warm, sweet vanilla.

Pumpkin Spice (welcoming fragrances)

Spiced Preserves

Mouth-watering blend of spiced fruit and citrus.
Top notes: spice and tart grapefruit with sweet vanilla.
Middle notes: cinnamon and cloves, tangy citrus with floral nuances.
Base notes: warm balsamic undertones and splash of mixed berries.

Spiced Preserves (welcoming fragrances)

Sugar Cookie

Warm, sugary aroma of vanilla and spice.
Top notes: intense, creamy vanilla and hint of spice.
Middle notes: soft florals with peppermint and wintergreen.
Base notes: Warm musky tones with hint of balsam.

Sugar Cookie (welcoming fragrances)


Creamy, intense, sweet vanilla.
Top notes: vanilla.
Middle notes: smooth, soft floral nuances.
Base notes: warm, musky tones.

Vanilla (welcoming fragrances)

Winter Melon

Crisp winter mix of watermelon, wintergreens, and spice.
Top notes: powerful cucumber with spice.
Middle notes: juicy watermelon and fruit with crisp wintergreen.
Base notes: sweet florals and warm herbaceous undertones.

Winter Melon (welcoming fragrances)