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Cleaning & Disinfecting

Aire-Master will thoroughly clean your restroom sinks, toilets and urinals inside and out. This thorough, in-depth cleaning includes hard to reach areas where germs breed and odors develop.

We also destroy bacteria with EPA registered hospital grade disinfectants that are safe for use on all surfaces and are excellent alternatives to bleach.


  • Thorough cleaning, inside and out
  • We remove tough, built-up soils
  • We clean the hard-to-reach areas
  • Your daily cleaning becomes quick and easy
  • Clean fixtures help keep odors down
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Aire-Master does the tough jobs.


Killing the Germs

We use hospital grade disinfectants to eliminate bacteria on fixtures and all touch surfaces.


Detective Work

Hidden soils can breed germs and cause odors. We find and remove this unseen build-up.


Elbow Grease

We aren’t afraid of a little hard work, if that’s what it takes to get your fixtures clean!


Do No Harm

We know how to remove hard water and calcium build-up without damaging finishes.

What our customers are saying

My Aire-Master service rep is awesome!!!! The bathrooms always sparkle and they have a wonderful personality!! The restrooms always smell good.

Erin, Kentucky Fried Chicken

The housekeeping department scored #1 out of 230 Doubletrees World wide in the catergory of rooms smelling fresh and clean. The Restroom Cleanliness finished # 1 as well.

Ryan, Doubletree Hotel

We are very pleased with Aire-Master's services. After our quarterly cleaning, the restrooms look and smell awesome! Thank you Aire-Master!

Cheryl, Christian County Commission