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Scent branding can play a vital role in creating a positive impression for your brand.

Having a positive, recognizable signature scent as people enter your facility can help solidify your brand in the mind of the customer.
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  • Makes a great first impression

  • Improves brand recognition

  • Increases sales and repeat business

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Aire-Master’s Scent Branding is an affordable, effective tool to enhance your business.


Offering a wide array of scents, we have a fragrance to fit your brand, space, and theme.

Select the perfect scent for your business.

Scent Themes

White Tea and Thyme


(Relaxing, Soothing)

Breathe in relaxing and soothing aromas to center the mind and body.

Calming Fragrances



(Tropical, Luxurious)

Indulge your senses with luxurious fragrances from the tropics.

Exotic Fragrances



(Clean, Crisp)

Enjoy the deep, clean scents of crisp mornings and sunlit fields.

Fresh Fragrances

Watermelon, cherries, and oranges


(Fruity, Kids)

Relive childhood with the fruit-infused smells of delectable nostalgia.

Fun Fragrances

A pink rose


(Floral, Nostalgic)

Create an unforgettable ambiance with a tender bouquet of floral scents.

Romantic Fragrances

Mint Leaf


(Invigorating, Stimulating)

Awaken the mind and stimulate the senses with invigorating aromas.

Uplifting Fragrances

Pine cone with pine needles


(Warm, Sensual)

Capture the great out-doors with these aromatic reminders of nature.

Inviting Fragrances



(Baked Goods)

Visit Grandma’s kitchen with inviting smells of homemade goodness.

Welcoming Fragrances

Scent for your Spaces

We will tailor, install, and maintain dispensers for any environment—apartments, guest rooms, bathrooms, lobbies, hallways, fitness centers, spas, dining areas, and much more.
Small Space Units

Small Spaces

Our exclusive D50 & D1000 scent and deodorant dispensers are ideal for restrooms, offices, entries, short hallways, small lobbies, and waiting areas.

Medium Space Diffusers and Dispensers

Medium Spaces

The D100, D2000 and D2500 dispensers easily handle meeting rooms, large lobbies, and retail spaces.

D3000 & D4000 diffusers

Large Spaces

Our D3000 and D4000 dispensers are perfect for conference facilities, entertainment spaces, casinos, and large indoor environments such as atriums and auditoriums.

PDU Fresh Turn


It only take 15-30 minutes for the D3500 to completely revitalize a hotel room or apartment.

See Fresh Turn.

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