Scent marketing makes a powerful impression. Scent can enhance a customer’s relationship with a brand by creating positive associations and increasing focus. Having a positive, recognizable signature scent as people enter your facility can help solidify your brand in the mind of the customer.

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Increase Recall

Evoke Pleasant Feelings

Increase Learning

Create Desire

Fragrance Themes

Match a scent to the mood and atmosphere you want to evoke.

How would you describe the feeling your business expresses to your customers? What words would you use? Inviting? Uplifting? Calming? Fun? Romantic? Aire-Master can help you enhance that image through scent marketing.

Calming Fragrances

Calming (Relaxing, Soothing)

Float away with these calming fragrances — relaxing, soothing aromas to center your mind and body.

Calming Fragrances

Exotic Fragrances

Exotic (Tropical, Luxurious)

Set sail with these exotic fragrances — experience a luxurious tropical getaway with one breath.

Exotic Fragrances

Fresh Fragrances

Fresh (Clean, Crisp)

Wake up refreshed with these clean, fresh fragrances — take a deep breath of crisp, golden, sunlit morning air.

Fresh Fragrances

Fun Fragrances

Fun (Fruity, Kids)

Reawaken your inner child with these fruity and fun fragrances — relive the whimsy and delight of childhood with the smells of mouth-watering nostalgia.

Fun Fragrances

Inviting Fragrances

Inviting (Warm, Sensual)

These inviting fragrances invoke the warmth of a cozy cabin tucked into winter woods — bring the outdoors indoors with these robust and earthy fragrances!

Inviting Fragrances

Romantic Fragrances

Romantic (Floral, Nostalgic)

Reminisce with these romantic fragrances — the soft, sweet scent of springtime can lead to a stolen kiss under a starry night.

Romantic Fragrances

Uplifting Fragrances

Uplifting (Invigorating, Stimulating)

Energize yourself with these uplifting fragrances — wake up the mind and stimulate the senses.

Uplifting Fragrances

Welcoming Fragrances

Welcoming (Baked Goods)

Drool over these mouthwatering, welcoming fragrances — Grandma’s kitchen is always a festive place of nourishing warmth and homemade goodness.

Welcoming Fragrances

Fragrance Machines for All Your Scent Marketing Spaces

Aire-Master’s air fresheners, deodorizers, and scent diffusers are attractive yet inconspicuous enough to work their magic, invisible, in the background — only the nose will know! They have been designed and selected to accommodate any size space.

  • Light, pleasant background aroma
  • Not overpowering
  • Unsurpassed fragrance quality
  • Delivered with service
Scent Air Freshener D1000

Small Spaces

Our exclusive D1000 air freshener and deodorizer is ideal for restrooms, offices, entries, short hallways, small lobbies, and waiting areas.

Medium Space Diffusers

Medium Spaces

The D2000 and D2500 commercial scent machines easily handle meeting rooms, large lobbies, waiting areas, and retail spaces.

Large Space Scent Diffusers

Large Spaces

Our D3000, D4000, and D4500 digital scent diffusers are perfect for conference facilities, entertainment spaces, and large indoor environments such as atriums and auditoriums.

Scale of D1000 air freshener


Scale of D2000 fragrance machine


Scale of D3000 commercial scent diffuser


Scale of Scenta commercial scent diffuser


Fragrance Inspiration

Scent works with the other senses.

The inspiration for a new fragrance can come from surprising sources: the agile dance of a candle flame, the bright hue of a summer goldfinch, the taste of a ripe persimmon, the soft crunch of pea gravel underfoot, the time-worn surface of an old table.

Scent can be distinguished, but not separated, from the other senses. Fragrances have tactile qualities. They are poignant and personal.

When selecting a fragrance for you, we can go in any direction you can imagine. We can reflect current trends or reach back to lifelong memories. The pairing of a brand with the right fragrance is a careful craft — one that we pursue with passion.


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