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Eliminate Odors at the Source with You’re N Control

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Bacterial Enzyme Digestion

Disinfectants kill bacteria, but they do not eliminate the organic waste that contributes to malodors. Bacterial enzymes digest solid waste, eliminating a potential source of odors.

Bacterial digestion is the natural process of organic degradation. This process of digestion, when naturally occurring, can result in malodorous and toxic by-products. Bacterial enzymes used in odor control products are usually genetically engineered to digest waste much faster, more completely, and without producing odors.

Organic malodor is caused not only by the process of bacterial digestion, but by digestion that is incomplete. Enzymes break down waste into non-toxic, odorless carbon dioxide and water, and the bacteria have a complete digestion cycle.

Bacteria, which are living single-celled organisms, produce enzymes — proteins which catalyze the break down of organic waste into digestible forms. An enzyme is a chemical knife that cuts large organic food pieces into smaller bite-size pieces for the bacteria to eat. Aire-Master’s You’re N Control is a bio/enzymatic deodorant composed of selective adaptive bacteria cultures that actually attack and break down organic waste.

Aire-Master You're N Control


  • Available only in ready-to-use formula
  • Excellent for use on odor-causing organic waste
  • Controls uric acid buildup
  • Eliminates pet stains on carpeting
  • Powerful, rapidly multiplying bacteria provide long-lasting odor control
  • Enzymes quickly digest a broad spectrum of organic waste
  • Do not combine with Blue Lagoon, use separately
  • Safe for use around children, people and pets
  • Helps keep drain pipes clean
  • Safe on metal and plastic drain pipes, septic and sewer systems
  • Environmentally safe


  • Spray on carpet, fabric, upholstery and linens
  • Spray on trash or garbage containers
  • Spray into diaper pails
  • Spray around toilets, urinals and other fixtures
  • Pour into garbage disposals, sink drains, and grease traps
  • Pour into floor drains to prevent sewer gas
  • Wash pets that have encountered skunk or offensive odors
  • Spray on minor mold and mildew areas
  • Spray on blood, feces, vomit, urine, grease, wine, and food stains

Prevent Slips and Falls with Clean Floors

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Aire-Master Step Safe

Slips and falls cost US businesses billions of dollars annually. Greasy floors are slippery floors. Aire-Master floor cleaners safely and effectively remove grease and grime from floors.

Step Safe Enzyme Concentrate

Aire-Master Step Safe is an enzyme floor cleaner for tile and grout. This concentrated cleaner breaks down grease that builds up on hard surfaces. It is especially effective in kitchen areas around stoves, grills, and fryers.

Step Safe is simple to use and requires no floor equipment to apply — just a bucket and mop, squeegee, and stiff brush are all that’s needed. Step Safe’s no-rinse, bio-enzymatic action continues to work long after the floor is dry!

Use Step Safe in conjunction with your floor maintenance program to break down and remove the toughest grease from tile and grout joints — helping to prolong the life and beauty of your floors. Step Safe is perfect for food prep areas where grease can be a problem. It’s also great for high-traffic areas such as lobbies and entryways.

Floor tiles before and after treated with Step Safe
Aire-Master Floor Wash, Super Floor Wash

Floor Wash

Neutral Floor Cleaner

Our concentrated, general purpose floor cleaner provides the cleaning power of orange oil. Quickly removes grease, oil, wax, tar, and grime from floors. Excellent for removing urine from tile and grout. Contains gentle cleansing peroxide.

Super Floor Wash

Acid Floor Cleaner

Our concentrated, acid floor cleaner quickly removes grease, oil, wax, tar and dirt from floors and walls. Low-foaming formula features fast-acting mild acids that are safe on floor tile, plastic drain pipes, septic and sewer systems. Use for the toughest floor and wall cleaning jobs.

Save Money, Time, and Mess with FlexDose

By Cleaning And Disinfecting, Product Information
FlexDose dispensing applications

Portable Waterless Dispensing System

FlexDose makes ready-to-use cleaners easily, accurately, and safely. Unique anti-reverse pull pump prevents users from under or over dosing a product. Using the SafeLink™ closed-loop inserts, it delivers the right amount of concentrate each and every time. For half-gallon and gallon concentrate chemicals. Also, use to fill spray bottles, mop buckets, sinks, and more.

FlexDose accurately doses cleaning chemicals into a wide variety of applications. Capable of dosing 1/16oz (2ml), 1/8oz (4ml), 1/4oz (7ml), 1/2oz (15ml), or 1oz (30ml), FlexDose is your solution for dosing cleaners into trigger bottles, sanitizers into hand buckets, disinfectants into mop buckets, dish detergent into sink basins, and much, much more. It is ideally suited for any application where backflow protection is a concern, a wall mount installation is too costly, or portability is a must.

FlexDose portable waterless dispensing system

FlexDose is robust and can withstand some of the harshest user environments and still perform as expected each and every use. It offers the convenience of an ergonomic design to ensure that users have a comfortable working experience.


  • Designed for SafeLink closed loop inserts to dose (dilute) in quart bottles, mop buckets, and sinks.
  • Dispenser has three dosing (dilution) settings: 1/4oz, 1/2oz, and 1oz per pump.
  • Built in anti-drip valve to ensure accurate dosing (dilution)
  • Easy grip handle to pull and prime chemical reservoir.
  • Correct dosing (dilution) every time.
  • Better reliability and durability for years of service.


  • All Purpose Cleaners & Degreasers
  • Glass & Multi-Surface Cleaners
  • Floor & Hard Surface Cleaners
  • Liquid Deodorants for Hard & Soft Surfaces

Knock Out Odors with these Aerosol Deodorants

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Cooking, smoking, pet, sweat odors

Destroy Odors at their Source

Does your business suffer from odors associated with body odor, cooking, decay, feces, pets, smoke, sweat, trash, or urine? Whether it’s temporary odors or persistent odors locked in fabrics and carpets, Aire-Master has an aerosol deodorant that will work for you.

Tropic Breeze

Air & Fabric Deodorizing Spray

A dry, non-staining spray eliminates odors on carpeting, upholstery, draperies, and clothing. Neutralizes tobacco smoke. Island fragrance of mango, papaya, and coconut.


  • Air and fabric deodorant
  • Eliminates offensive odors
  • Dry aerosol spray
  • Tropical fragrance of mango, papaya and coconut
  • VOC Compliant


  • Spray fabric, upholstery, drapery and linens
  • Spray carpeting to eliminate pet odors
  • Spray trash and garbage containers
  • Spray diaper pails and changing areas
  • Spray restrooms, locker rooms and shower areas
  • Excellent for resale shops for clothing, furniture, books, household items
  • Spray camping equipment: tents, sleeping bags, towels, pillows
  • Spray offices, meeting rooms, and eating areas
Aire-Master Tropic Breeze Deodorant

Odor Neutralizing Fogger

Total Release or Intermittent Spray

Effective against odors associated with cooking, body odors, smoke, tobacco, decay, trash, urine, feces, and pet odors. Treats 6000 cubic feet. VOC compliant. Pleasant, clean linen fragrance.


  • Contains deodorant that eliminates all types of interior odors
  • Dry Aerosol Spray/Fogger
  • Spray nozzle allows for intermittent spray (manually push nozzle) or total release fogger (lock down nozzle)
  • Must vacate area being sprayed for 2 hours then allow fresh air to enter
  • Deodorizes up to 6,000 cubic feet (25′ x 30′ x 8′)
  • VOC compliant
  • Clean Linen fragrance


  • Fabric, Upholstery, and Carpet Odors
  • Restrooms, Locker Rooms, and Shower Areas
  • Eating Areas
  • Trash and Garbage Areas
  • Pet Odors
  • Smoke and Tobacco Odor
  • Children and People Odors
  • Hotels and Apartments
  • Daycares and Assisted Living
  • Used Cars & RVs
Aire-Master Odor Neutralizing Fogger

In Memory of Dan Brach, NW Arkansas Franchisee

By Franchise News, Our Stories

On August 14, 2020, Dan Brach at the age of 55 passed from this life and left a large hole in the hearts of his family, friends, and the Aire-Master franchise system. He is survived by his wife, Brooke Brach, Alexa Brach (daughter), Joe Brach (son), Derrick Burnett (son-in-law), Dora & Walter Brach (parents), Trish Ross (sister), David Brach (brother), and Sawyer & Savannah (grandchildren).

Dan was known as “Mr. Fix-it”. He worked for his father’s appliance business and learned how to fix anything. He has also worked in construction building apartment complexes, had managed a C-store and a Pizza Hut.

It was during the time in construction that a slow economy forced his supervisor to lay off a lot of employees. The supervisor knew Byron Bennett (former Northwest Arkansas franchisee) and helped Dan get a job servicing routes for Byron in 1992. Dan worked for 10 years as an employee and purchased the franchise from Byron in November 2003.

One of Dan’s hobbies was cooking. He was an excellent cook and was always willing to share some great recipes. He loved repairing antique cars, remodeling, and just fixing things. Dan’s favorite quote was, “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right!”

Dan served as the Franchise Advisory Council Representative for the South Central Region for several years. He was always ready to share his talents and experience with others. In July, the Brachs reached a new level of sales over the life of their franchise. Dan was the most recent recipient of the 2020 Impact Award. Dan was in his 28th year working in the Aire-Master system.

He will be greatly missed.

Office door handle

COVID-19 and Surface Contamination

By Cleaning And Disinfecting, COVID-19

How long can the virus that causes COVID-19 live on surfaces? Estimates from the WHO ranged from a few hours to a few days. Those estimates were based on previous coronaviruses.

A new study is the first from a federal laboratory testing SARS-CoV-2, the virus causing the current crisis. This study tested the virus lifespan on a variety of different surfaces. For example, “the virus can survive on hard surfaces such as plastic and stainless steel for up to 72 hours and on cardboard for up to 24 hours. However, the virus remained viable on copper for only about four hours.”

The virus seems to survive longer on hard flat surfaces than rough surfaces or cloth. Of course, there are other conditions that affect contamination, such as light, temperature, and humidity. So testing in laboratory conditions suggests the virus can survive on surfaces for 2–3 days. But now we have a new report from the CDC about the cruise ships that had infected passengers. Researchers found the virus on a variety of surfaces 17 days after the ships were vacated.

If you are still in the workplace, be aware that a virus can spread through a building in 2–4 hours. Some of the typically germiest surfaces there are:

  • Sink faucet handles in the break room.
  • Microwave door handles.
  • Computer keyboards.
  • Refrigerator door handles.
  • Water fountain buttons.
  • Your own desk.

Also, be mindful of cross-contamination from dirty mops and cleaning cloths.

If you are at home, some of the germiest places there include:

  • Kitchen sinks
  • Underwear
  • Purses and handbags
  • Wet laundry
  • Keyboards
  • Cell phones
  • Kitchen sponges
  • Bath tubs & shower curtains
  • Vacuum cleaner bags
  • Beds
  • Money
  • Soap (especially bars)

If you are out shopping or running errands, use hand sanitizer or wash your hands after touching the card readers at the checkout, shopping cards, ATMs, door handles, gas pumps, and so forth.

The EPA has a list of registered Disinfectants for Use Against SARS-CoV-2. Aire-Master carries two disinfectants on that list: PortionPac Germicidal Cleaner, and Pro-Con Turquoise 3. Ask your local Aire-Master service provider about cleaning and disinfecting services using these products.