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Hemp-Be-Gone is the surprising breakthrough in odor control from Aire-Master that helps camouflage the thick and overpowering aromas created by the use and storage of hemp and cannabis.


For use in cannabis dispensaries, gathering spaces, restrooms, or anywhere hemp, cannabis, and medical marijuana are used or sold.

Here’s How It Works

The full-fragrance experience is achieved when the missing scent of cannabis is integrated into the fragrance notes of Hemp-Be-Gone.

It complements by blending perfectly to create a wonderfully complete fragrance experience that is pleasing to the nose.

How Hemp-Be-Gone works

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True deodorizing for any size space

Aire-Master’s odor control service offers scent dispensers that easily handle your small to medium sized spaces, restrooms, or lobbies. Our digital diffusers effectively treat large spaces, even entire facilities.

  • No equipment to buy
  • We install a deodorizing system and maintain it
  • You get a fresh, clean-smelling establishment

See what a deodorizing system with Hemp-Be-Gone can do for you!