The Power of “Thank You”

By Business

From Jim Roudenis, Aire-Master Franchise Director:

The Springfield Business Journal is a wonderful publication that covers the business community in the Springfield, Missouri, area. The publisher, Diane Elizabeth Osis, and her staff provide local businesses with great information to help us in our business operations. As I travel the United States and have seen other business journals, I have come to realize and appreciate just how good our Springfield Business Journal is.

One day I took the time to write a thank you letter to Ms. Osis. I was sincere in my appreciation for all that they do to help Aire-Master and other local businesses. I usually read their publication from cover to cover because it is interesting and relevant. They have also been very gracious to our company in printing press releases over the years, telling others about our odor control and commercial hygiene business success.

I mailed the thank you letter on a Thursday, thinking that it would arrive and be read the following week. When I arrived to work on Friday morning my phone rang at 8:00am. Ms. Osis was on the phone and had received my letter that morning. With tears in her voice, she told me how much this letter meant to her.  She called her staff together that morning and gave them all a copy of my letter to hang on their office walls. She said that the deadlines of that week had put a real stress on their team and my letter put everything they do in to perspective. To know that someone appreciated their hard work made the challenges of the week worthwhile.

As we ended our conversation, I sat in my office profoundly quiet, contemplating what had just happened. My simple thank you letter had made an impact and a difference on an entire business staff. Wow! I could not have ever imagined the reverse impact this would have on me. It changed my life that morning and I will never look at sending a thank you card or letter the same again.

You have the power to make a difference in someone’s life today, just by using common courtesy. Take action today to send a thank you card to a business associate, customer, friend, or referral. You may be amazed at the impact it will have not only on them but also on yourself.

The Sense of Smell

By Fragrance

Nose / brain profile image

What the Nose Knows

The human sense of smell often goes unconsidered, but it is the sense with the most direct path to the emotional centers of the brain.

The nose is often assumed to be the organ of smell reception, when in fact, it is not. The primary function of the nose is to regulate the temperature and the humidity of the air we breathe, in order to protect the delicate linings of each nostril.

The olfactory receptors themselves are located at the top of the nose. There are 50 million smell receptors in the human olfactory epithelia, the total size of which, in humans, is about that of a small postage stamp, with half being at the top left and half at the top right nostril. Olfactory cells are not very long-lived. In fact there is a constant turnover of these cells. Their average active life has been estimated to be about 28 days.

A major neurological feature of the sense of smell is the large number of receptor cells that converge upon a relatively small number of secondary cells, located in the olfactory bulbs, which lie on the under surface of the brain. This convergence indicates that the sense has evolved in terms of sensitivity. It has been calculated that as few as seven or eight molecules striking an olfactory cell will produce a nerve impulse with about forty nerve cells needing to be stimulated before a smell sensation is reported. There have been numerous theories of olfaction, but all have failed to fully explain how we detect smells.

Studies have shown that a pleasant aroma, even a very light one, enhances the impression a room makes on those that enter it.

In addition to small receptors, the nose of humans contains another system, a touch system, which is often mistakenly assumed to be part of the sense of smell. This second system is the trigeminal system and it is part of the extensive 5th cranial nerve. Somatosensory, or touch nerves, detect pungent substances, such as ammonia, carbon dioxide and acetic acid. The chemosensory system is best illustrated by the protective head averting reflex when a pungent substance, such as household ammonia, is inhaled.

Aire-Master Ranked in 2 Top Franchise Lists

By Franchise News

Entrepreneur® Magazine has just ranked the Aire-Master franchise system in two more award categories.

2011 Top 101 Home-Based Franchises — ranked #69

Aire-Master is a great home basedd service business that you can operate out of your home or a retail office space. In fact, 96% of the Aire-Master franchises operate directly from their home.

As the space in your home becomes limited you can add a storage facility to receive shipments and warehouse your inventory to meet the needs of your growing business.

An advantage a home based franchise has over a retail franchises is the opportunity to invest those funds into employees, rather than rent and facility maintenance. People help you grow a franchise and Aire-Master offers you the opportunity to do your part in the economy by employing others.

2011 Top 100 Low-Cost Franchises — ranked #46

As a home based franchise, Aire-Master is able to keep your franchise fees and start-up costs low. You don’t need costly office space in a major shopping center. You don’t need a specific type of vehicle.

By using your home and current vehicle, you can begin an Aire-Master franchise with many of the things you currently have. Over time you can add office space and more vehicles and people to meet your growth needs.

Combining a home basedd business with a low-cost investment you have the best of both opportunities in the business world. Cash is King! Making more cash available to you to grow your business is what a low-cost franchise like Aire-Master is all about.

As the economy continues to slowly recover, many people are looking to franchising as an alternative to starting their own business or working for someone else.

Learn more about Aire-Master franchise opportunities.