FBR 2015 Franchisee Satisfaction Snapshot

2015 Franchisee Satisfaction Snapshot

Franchise Business Review recently posted its 2015 Franchise Satisfaction Snapshot. FBR has been researching franchisee satisfaction for 10 years, surveying thousands of franchise owners and hundreds of franchising companies — including Aire-Master. The 2015 Snapshot summarizes the results from their most recent survey of 25,000 franchise owners.

FBR found that overall franchisee satisfaction across all business sectors is extremely high. 73.7% of franchisees surveyed said they would “do it all over again” knowing what they know today. 78.6% would recommend their franchise brand to others. 82.2% of respondants rated their franchisor and franchise opportunity as “Good”, “Very Good”, or “Excellent”.

Enjoyment is also high among franchisees. 88.7% of those surveyed said they enjoy operating their business, and 86.5% enjoy being part of their franchise organization. Franchisees think highly of their franchisors, as well. 84% “Agree” or “Strongly Agree” that they respect their franchisor. 81.0% of franchisees replied “Agree” or “Strongly Agree” in response to: “I believe my franchisor acts with a high level of honesty and integrity”.

According to research from the International Franchise Association, economic growth and employment growth from franchise businesses are expected to outpace the growth of the U.S. economy again this year. Franchising continues to be an excellent business model, and a great way to start a business based on a proven operating system.