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Work Smarter

Work Smarter (May 13, 2015)

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Sea Lion

Staying focused will help you work smarter. Develop routines and use tools to help you keep or regain your focus. Take a break when you need to. Have a little something. Don’t let distractions and interruptions break your momentum. Good work habits produce good work.

How to Stay Focused at Work

“Many people complain that they are not productive enough during their workday. As a result, they work overtime in order to finish everything by the deadline. However, by doing small changes to your daily routine, you can increase your performance and use your time more effectively.”


“Feel distracted? Falling behind? Chances are your instinct is to flip through the 20 tabs you have open — many of which have nothing to do with the task at hand — or grab your phone and start thumbing through notifications.”

Why Dark Chocolate Should Be Your Mid-Afternoon Pick-Me-Up

“Researchers at Northern Arizona University found that snacking on chocolate with high cacao content seemed to improve brain alertness and attentiveness as gauged by EEG testing (which measures electrical activity in the brain).”

11 Things Ultra-Productive People Do Differently

“It feels incredible when you leave the office after an ultra-productive day. With the right approach, you can make this happen every day. You don’t need to work longer, or even do more — you just need to work smarter.”

Turn It Up: How the Right Amount of Ambient Noise Increases Creativity

“Inside the office, there are constant interruptions, last-minute meetings, and an often unbearable amount of noise. On the other hand, locking yourself away in quiet isolation can sometimes be just as counterproductive (not to mention boring).”

Quote of the Day

“Any time you’re tempted to upsell someone else, stop what you’re doing and upserve instead.” — Daniel Pink