Holiday Fragrances Available Now

By September 20, 2011Fragrance, Odor Control

Aire-Master is pleased to announce the availability of our Holiday Fragrances to make any business smell great during October, November and December:

Holly Berry evergreen with a berry twist
Pumpkin Spice warm spice and clove aroma
Cranberry sweet cranberry aroma
Apple Cider warm, fresh apple and cinnamon aroma
Winterwoods evergreen with a floral twist
Vanilla Bean warm vanilla aroma, long lasting
Cinnamon Spice fresh cinnamon aroma

Holiday FragrancesAire-Master’s unique custom blends of cosmetic-grade essential oils and true deodorants will make any business smell great for the holidays. Unpleasant odors are eliminated and you will project an image of quality and cleanliness to your customers and employees.

Your customers will remember you more by what they smell than what they see. Consumers today are very brand conscious through the use of all of their senses. In fact, research shows that smell has a greater impact on purchasing and employee productivity than everything else combined. 75% of emotions are generated by smell because it has the most direct path to the emotional center of the brain.

Creating a fresh scent experience, even a light one, enhances the impression of any room or space. Aire-Master’s holiday fragrances can create that inviting aroma that can put customers in spending mood, forge powerful emotional connections, or create memorable brands.

Scent Brand Your Business

Aire-Master’s holiday fragrances can also help you to scent brand your business, in the mind of the consumer, through the sense of smell. Scent branding can induce pleasant feelings, reduce anxiety, change perception, increase recall, increase learning, and trigger memory and desire.

Aire-Master’s holiday fragrances are excellent for hotels, restaurants, retail stores, casinos, care facilities, amusement and recreation facilities, commercial buildings and offices.

Designed for Your Environment

Whether it is in lobbies, offices, hallways, retail spaces, showrooms, meeting rooms, locker rooms, restrooms, waiting rooms, eating areas, food preparation areas or living spaces, Aire-Master has a holiday fragrance that will help you create a fresh scent brand experience to everyone that enters.