Concentrated Cleaner: Super Degreaser

Aire-Master Super Degreaser

A powerful degreaser that works where others fail. This concentrated cleaner is a super-strength product formulated for extremely tough jobs. Instantly penetrates and emulsifies grease, oil, and a variety of soils.

Dilutable with up to 100 parts water for low end-use cost. Perfect for cleaning machinery, engines, factory floors, tools, trucks, and metal parts. Rust preventatives form a corrosion inhibiting coating when diluted degreaser is not rinsed from metal surfaces.

Use in automatic scrubers, pressure washers, dip tanks, or steam cleaners. Removes rubber tire marks and baked on carbon deposits. Contains no petroleum distillates, is nonflammable, noncor- rosive, and biodegradable.

Features & Uses

Quickly removes grease, oil, wax, tar and dirt. Great for cleaning a variety of water washable surfaces.

  • Spray on floors and concrete to remove soils
  • Spray on tools, metal, equipment and engines
  • Spray on ovens, stoves and grills
  • Pour into carpet and floor cleaning equipment
  • Use only on water washable surfaces
  • Highly concentrated, water dilutable

Usage Directions

General Maintenance

Floors, walls, machinery, engines, conveyors, ducts, kitchen ovens and grills, air filters, shower tile, concrete, terazzo, white side walls, etc. Dilute as follows:

Light soil 1oz. / gallon
Medium soil 3oz. / gallon
Heavy soil 5oz. / gallon
Very heavy soil 26oz. / gallon


Great for cleaning oil or grease soiled floors. Use 4 oz. to a gallon of water. Can be used in a floor scrubber. For light soiled floors use 1 oz. to a gallon of water.


Use to clean oil and gas off machinery. Good for cleaning oil filter in lawn mowers. Spray onto equipment with a 1 oz. to 16 oz. water dilution, then spray off with water hose or wipe off.


Spray on the vehicle with a 1 oz. to 16 oz. dilution. Scrub and rinse off.

Playground Equipment

Use to clean playground equipment by using a 1 oz. to 16 oz. water dilution. Spray on and wipe off.


Use as a spot remover for ink, crayon, oil, food or pop stains. Spray on and wipe off. Hard spots may need to be left to soak for a minute or two. A small brush may be used.


Use to clean ovens, grills, outside of stove, and any place where there is heavy grease build up. Use 2 – 3 oz. per 16 oz. of water. Spray on and wipe off. Use to clean grease off kitchen floors.

Shop Areas

Use to clean tools, shop floor, and walls.


Spray walls and floor using 1 oz. to 16 oz. water dilution. Use a horticulture sprayer for quick application.

Arenas, Gymnasiums

Spray seats, under seats, walk ways, walls, and vents. Use a horticulture sprayer for quick application. Use 1 oz. to 16 oz. water.