2015 Top Low Cost Franchises


Aire-Master is included on the 2015 list of top low cost franchises, published by Franchise Business Review. FBR specializes in studying franchisee satisfaction. For this list, they “surveyed over 9,200 franchisees from 132 different brands, to identify the top low-cost franchises with the most satisfied franchisees.”

In their report, FBR identifies several benefits of low cost franchises over more costly opportunities, including the potential for faster profitability, flexibility, and the option of being home-based.

FBR concludes the report with some helpful points to consider when looking for a franchise opportunity, as well as some advice on achieving success in franchising. This passage is key:

One of the biggest advantages to franchising is that you can get your business off the ground faster since you are implementing a proven business model. Your franchisor already went through the typically painful and expensive period of trial and error to establish it. We’ve spoken to a lot of franchisors and franchisees over the years, and hear time and time again that franchisees who do not appreciate this fact and “go cowboy”, meaning they do not follow the system, always face unnecessary challenges as a result.

You can read download the full report here. Learn more about Aire-Master franchise opportunities here.