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You’ve no doubt heard the cliché work smarter, not harder. Why not both? Can it be a worthy goal to work smarter and harder? We don’t advocate making anyone’s job more difficult. On the contrary, Aire-Master would rather help workers, managers, and business owners work more effectively. When your efforts go farther, you are working harder, in the sense that you are getting more — and better — work done.

Our Mission

Aire-Master’s mission statement is to provide invaluable services that enhance the customer’s image of quality. We accomplish that by performing odor control, cleaning, and other hygiene-related services for businesses and institutions. Aire-Master creates value for our customers by helping them look good for their customers. We take care of problems so that business owners and managers can concentrate on doing their jobs. In other words, Aire-Master helps you get your work done.

Customers First

No business manager wants to drop everything and think about how the restroom smells or wonder if the soap dispensers are full. You shouldn’t have to, and in fact, you don’t have to. Work smarter by hiring Aire-Master to take care of your odor problems, restroom cleaning, fly control, and so on. Then you can work harder on the things that are most important to your success. Like serving your customers.

After all, aren’t your customers at the top of your list of priorities? They certainly should be. Look for ways to eliminate anything that takes your time and attention away from serving your customers. Divert your energy away from those distractions and direct it toward customers. Aire-Master’s job is to help you do just that; let us handle some of those distractions for you.

Blog Resources

We have a Work Smarter category on the Aire-Master blog. This is where we share helpful, informative, and even fun resources to help you get your work done. We link to articles on productivity, management, communication, technology, regulations, safety, customer service, and much more.


You might also consider subscribing to our quarterly e-newsletter, WorkSense. Four times a year, we gather a collection of our best blog posts and other news items of interest to business people.

At Aire-Master, we love to help others get their work done, and we don’t always have to sell something to accomplish that. As Seth Godin wrote, “You are what you share.