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Work Smarter (January 28, 2016)

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Work smarter, and you might find yourself working less. It helps to start by asking the right questions, then doing the right thing. Keep your tools in good working order, and make sure you have the resources you need. Take care of yourself and take care of business.

To Work Better, Work Less

“[E]ven though the amount of time you work tends to match how productive you are as if on a sliding scale, length of work and quality of work at a certain point become inversely related. At some point, in other words, the more you work, the less productive you become.”

Business ethics, ripples and the work that matters

“Customer service is difficult, expensive and unpredictable. But it’s a mistake to assume that any particular example is automatically either good or bad. … Customer service succeeds when it accomplishes what the organization sets out to accomplish.”

Make Your Computer Faster

“I’ve seen a lot of people buy a new computer when their old one was perfectly adequate, but had just gotten bogged down with too many things running at the same time. For your computer to make you productive, you want to reduce the amount of time you spend waiting on it to do something. Some of these tips can help.”

Why Start with Why?

“We are all able to explain what we do and how we do it. But the more challenging conversation to have is why we do what we do. Why does our company or business exist? When we can answer that, the what-we-do and how-we-do-it are not neglected, but easily follow.”

7 Ways to Get Over a Winter Slump

“While the concept of ‘Blue Monday’ — typically the third Monday in January — as being the most depressing day of the year might not be scientifically proven, let’s face it: January and February can be a drag. Winter stretches ahead for weeks and, in many places, it’s so cold you don’t want to go outside. The combination can be enough to get anyone down. If you’ve got a case of the winter doldrums, use these tips to feel better and rekindle your energy and creativity.”

Small Business Loans: What Your Lender Really Wants to Know

“Most entrepreneurs don’t start a business because they’re experts at small business financing — and they shouldn’t need to be. However, they do need to become experts at financing their businesses. I’m convinced it starts with understanding some of the questions a lender will likely ask and why they ask them.”

Quote of the Day

“The real test of business greatness is in giving opportunity to others.” — Charles Schwab