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Fruit Fly Patrol Service

By April 22, 2016No Comments

Fruit Fly Patrol

Aire-Master has introduced a new service to deal with fruit fly problems. Fruit flies are a big nuisance to businesses that serve food and beverages. They come to any business in the fruit and produce containers. Once they get into the business they head towards a major source of food — the drains.

Conventional fly traps, bug zappers and similar devices are designed to attract a broad spectrum of flies, mosquitoes and other flying irritations. Fruit flies, however, respond to different chemical attractants and UVA light intensity than other insects.

The Aire-Master Fruit Fly Patrol™ combines:

  • UVA light designed to meet the intensity preference of fruit flies
  • Chemical attractants designed specifically for fruit flies
  • Visual decoys on the capture surface
  • Unique, sanitary capture cartridge which lasts longer than competitive products, is clean and easy to remove without touching insects
  • Attractive sconce-style enclosure that can be placed in restaurants, food and beverage preparation areas, and disposal areas.

Flies, mosquitoes and similar insects are, in most climates, a seasonal infestation. With the onset of cold weather they disappear until the following spring. Not fruit flies — they remain an annoying presence twelve months a year. Fruit flies need a control solution that will prevent infestations around the clock and around the calendar.

Fruit flies need 3 major components for an infestation:

  1. A source of food
  2. Light source and warmth
  3. Ability to reproduce

The Fruit Fly Patrol™ offers a highly effective combination of specially engineered UVA lamps, decorative wall mount or free standing unit, exclusive auto advancing 30-day cartridge which meets USDA and FDA guidelines.  It is certified for use in food service areas, and is both UL and CE compliant.

Each cartridge contains fly patterns for fruit flies to meet, pheromones for attracting reproduction, food scent and a UVA light designed specifically for fruit flies.  Tests have shown that the fruit fly cartridge holds up to 10 times the capacity of standard insect glueboards.

Aire-Master can help your business by creating an insect control service specifically directed to the fruit fly problems in bars, restaurants, and kitchen areas. Contact your Aire-Master representative for more information to start a fruit fly control service today.