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Surface Odors

Aire-Master will help you control the offensive odors that cling to your floors, drains and other surfaces. Odor-causing soils can be hiding anywhere and can get into tile grout and other crevices.

The source of an odor problem can be difficult to remove with normal cleaning, but we’ll find and eliminate it. You’ll be left with a refreshing, odor-free environment.


  • You’ll have a refreshing, odor-free environment
  • We’ll find the source of odor and eliminate it
  • Attacks tough odor-causing soils and organic waste
  • We’ll eliminate odors on hard and soft surfaces
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What our customers are saying

We love Aire-Master for the clean fresh scents in our restrooms. Our customers also have many positive comments. The service is always dependable. We plan on adding their product to our play area.

Jeff, Chick-fil-A

We love Aire-Master! Everyone in our office gets excited when they visit every 2 weeks. We literally smell them coming. Their service is great, friendly and prompt and great prices. Highly recommend!!!

Shawna, Kids and Family Dental