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Restroom Sanitizing & Deodorizing Service


We thoroughly clean and detail restroom fixtures.


We safely eliminate bacteria on fixtures and all touch surfaces.


We neutralize foul odors instead of covering them up.

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Don’t risk offending your customers.

Customers will judge your standard of quality based on the cleanliness of your restrooms. Don’t take a chance on offending them with dirty, germy, smelly facilities.

Aire-Master can help you keep your restrooms clean and fresh smelling. This is an easy, cost-effective way to create value for your customers. Show them that you care about their well-being, that you go the extra mile to treat them right.

Man reacting to bad smell

We tackle all the tough stuff.

Aire-Master service rep cleaning urinal


Aire-Master uses powerful cleaners to eliminate all the tough grime and odor sources in your restrooms. Let us tackle the tough stuff and free your staff to focus on daily cleaning.

Aire-Master service rep disinfecting toilet


We kill germs with hospital-grade EPA-registered disinfectants. Aire-Master safely eliminates bacteria on restroom fixtures and touch surfaces.

Aire-Master D1000 Deodorizer


We tackle foul odors with our own unique deodorants and dispensing systems. Aire-Master kills odors at the molecular level instead of covering them up.

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We’ll make your life easier.

You don’t want to clean the restrooms, and neither do your employees. They have other work to do, and so do you. Let us handle it, so you can get your work done. We make it easy for you.


Custom Service Plan

We will put together a custom package of services and products tailored to your specific needs. In addition to cleaning and deodorizing, we can provide soap, paper, and much more!


Regular Service Schedule

Your assigned service tech will come to your facility every 2 weeks to refill dispensers, restock product, and perform all services on your custom plan.


Clean, Fresh Restrooms!

You get restrooms you know are clean and fresh! We give you back your time, so you can focus on your job — instead of worrying about offending customers.

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What our customers are saying

The housekeeping department scored #1 out of 230 Doubletrees World wide in the category of rooms smelling fresh and clean. The Restroom Cleanliness finished # 1 as well.

Ryan, Doubletree Hotel

We are very pleased with Aire-Master's services. After our quarterly cleaning, the restrooms look and smell awesome! Thank you Aire-Master!

Cheryl, Christian County Commission

Our Aire-Master service person is awesome! The restrooms always sparkle and smell good.

Erin, KFC
Mirror showing underside of toilet rim

Details make the difference.

Aire-Master’s attention to detail sets us apart. Soils build up in the nooks and crannies of your restroom fixtures. Under the rim, around the back, in the hidden surfaces. That’s where germs breed and odors emanate.

We take the time to keep those areas clean. Then our deodorants take care of the usual odors that happen when people use the restroom. A clean, fresh smelling restroom — it’s all in the details.

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A History of Great Service

Aire-Master has been providing restroom sanitizing and deodorizing service since 1958. Our business is based on building great relationships with our customers. We look good when you look good.

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