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It’s a Trap!

Soil gets trapped in floor surfaces and grout, accumulating over time. This not only looks bad, it also smells bad. Daily mopping is important, but you can’t remove the ground-in soil with a mop. It takes the right cleaner, applied with a pressure sprayer.

Aire-Master will remove built-up soil, stains, chemical residue, and grease from your floor, grouting, and walls. The whole mess is extracted into a holding tank, leaving your floors clean, dry, and odor free.


  • Floors and walls are scrubbed, including grout
  • All soil build-up is removed by a high pressure sprayer
  • Soil, water, and odors are extracted into a holding tank
  • Floors and walls are completely dry for safe and immediate use
  • A source of foul odors is removed
  • Makes your daily floor and wall maintenance easier
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Clean, Rinse, Dry


Floors and walls are scrubbed


High pressure sprayer rinse


Vacuum up all the gunk, leaving floor dry

Soiled floors can be slippery and unsafe

Slips, trips, and falls resulted in over $15 billion in workers’ compensation costs to US businesses in a single year, according to the Liberty Mutual Workplace Safety Index.

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What our customers are saying

The housekeeping department scored #1 out of 230 Doubletrees World wide in the catergory of rooms smelling fresh and clean. The Restroom Cleanliness finished # 1 as well.

Ryan, Doubletree Hotel

Aire-Master has always kept us supplied with the appropriate items needed and has been excellent in suggesting additional products to keep areas clean and smelling fresh.

Danny, Missouri Neon Company

We are very pleased with Aire-Master's services. After our quarterly cleaning, the restrooms look and smell awesome! Thank you Aire-Master!

Cheryl, Christian County Commission