These inviting fragrances invoke the warmth of a cozy cabin tucked into winter woods

Bring the outdoors indoors with these robust and earthy fragrances!

Aire-Master’s inviting fragrances capture the wonders of nature. The musky smell of wet moss from an Autumn rain add a masculine touch to the great outdoors. The scent of frosted pines under a sparkling moon easily allure and seduce any nature lover wishing to take a midnight walk on an aromatic, woody trail. Sense the wonders of nature whispering to you — beckoning you with its fragrantly rich and winding paths.

Angel Wings

A warm experience of lavender blossoms, soft florals, and hint of peppery citrus.
Top notes: sweet vanilla, hint of citrus and spice.
Middle notes: lavender blossoms and soft woody florals and citrus.
Base notes: pinch of spice with floral and warm peppery undertones.

Angel Wings (inviting fragrances)

Cozy Cabin

The open outdoors with scented pine and touch of spice.
Top notes: spicy with cooling camphor.
Middle notes: leafy and woody with aromatic pine and kiss of cinnamon.
Base notes: sweet sandalwood and woody balsalmic undertones.

Cozy Cabin (inviting fragrances)

Harvest Moon

Warm and spicy nestle in soft pine and florals.
Top notes: spicy and camphoraceous with vanilla.
Middle notes: cinnamon and pine with blush of soft florals.
Base notes: warm and balsalmic with sweet woody undertones.

Harvest Moon (inviting fragrances)

Havana Nights

Sweet Oriental Spice.
Top notes: tobacco leaf, vanilla, dried fruits.
Middle notes: cacao, tonka bean, lavender, nutmeg, ginger.
Base notes: amber, sandalwood.

Havana Nights (inviting fragrances)

Man Cave

A clean, masculine blend of citrusy herbs and balsam.
Top notes: fresh and clean spice.
Middle notes: intense green with woody undertones.
Base notes: warm floral musk with sweet sandalwood undertones.

Man Cave (inviting fragrances)

Midnight Seduction

Enticing, outdoorsy ensemble of spice, warm vanilla, and soft florals.
Top notes: spicy and warm vanilla.
Middle notes: woody nuances mixed with sweet florals, fruit, and lavenders.
Base notes: smooth sandalwood, soft florals and musky undertones.

Midnight Seduction (inviting fragrances)

On the Trail

Cooling freshness of wintergreen and crisp herbs.
Top notes: fresh and ozonic with warm spice.
Middle notes: leafy with woody balsam and hint of citrus.
Base notes: sweet sandalwood with warm, musky floral undertones.

On the Trail (inviting fragrances)

White Tea and Fig

Fruity, ripe fig with sweet floral and mild herbaceous overtones.
Top notes: fresh and clean with spice.
Middle notes: leafy nuances with mixed fruit and light cinnamon.
Base notes: herbaceous with sweet, musky undertones.

White Tea and Fig (inviting fragrances)

Winter Forest

Perfect balance of nostalgic festive spices and winter pines.
Top notes: cooling with powerful spice.
Middle notes: fir needle with cinnamon sticks and cloves.
Base notes: warm, woody undertones and balsamic nuances.

Winter Forest (inviting fragrances)

Woody Path

Like a walk in the woods on a crisp fall day.
Top notes: spicy and warm.
Middle notes: leafy with woody and balsamic nuances.
Base notes: sweet, smooth sandalwood and patchouli.

Woody Path (inviting fragrances)