Wake up refreshed with these clean, fresh fragrances

Take a deep breath of crisp, golden, sunlit morning air.

Aire-Master’s fresh fragrances will wake you up to a soft blowing coastal breeze — bringing with it the light, crisp scent of a nearby forest floor. Smell the wet dew on an open window pane as the soft glow of the morning sun filters through clean linens drying on the line. Take a deep breath, slide out of bed, and drink it all in!

Clean Cotton

Fresh linen with clean citrus top notes.
Top notes: crisp, fresh cotton linens.
Middle notes: ozonic, calming watery floral.
Base notes: green florals, creamy woody.

Clean Cotton (fresh fragrances)

Clear Mist

A bright mix of florals softly kissed with mint and citrus.
Top notes: Fresh and clean.
Middle notes: Mixed fruity florals with leafy nuances and hint of citrus.
Base notes: Sweet and musky with warm herbaceous nuances and musky undertones.

Clear Mist (fresh fragrances)

Coastal Breeze

Blend of fresh florals and crisp breezy greens.
Top notes: fresh, clean leafy florals.
Middle notes: crisp and green with floral blend and touch of mint.
Base notes: sweet and soft florals with a mellow, musky undertone.

Coastal Breeze (fresh fragrances)

Cool Mountain Mist

Crisp, leafy florals with touch of mint.
Top notes: clean and cooling and minty.
Middle notes: intense green with leafy nuances and wintergreen.
Base notes: herbaceous and musky undertones with warm nuances.

Cool Mountain Mist (fresh fragrances)

Crisp Morning

Fresh outdoors set among citrus, wintergreen, and florals.
Top notes: fresh, clean, and ozonic.
Middle notes: intense green with leafy nuances, hint of citrus, peppermint, and wintergreen.
Base notes: warm herbaceous with musky floral undertones.

Crisp Morning (fresh fragrances)

Early Spring Morning

A zesty breeze of citrus of wintergreen and soft florals.
Top notes: citrus, cooling, ozonic.
Middle notes: florals with sweet wintergreen and citrus highlights.
Base notes: herbaceous, woody, and warm with musky and floral undertones.

Early Spring Morning (fresh fragrances)

Forest Floor

Warm blend of spice and rich spruce with touch of sandalwood.
Top notes: spicy, warm camphoraceous.
Middle notes: Leafy, woody nuances, fir needle and rich spruce.
Base notes: warm woody undertones, sandalwood and patchouli.

Forest Floor (fresh fragrances)

Fresh Air

A fresh, clean scent with floral and citrus tones.
Top notes: fresh, clean, and ozonic.
Middle notes: crisp and green, with a hint of citrus peel
Base notes: smooth, musky floral undertones

Fresh Air (fresh fragrances)

Green Tea

Mild green fragrance with crisp, clean top notes and soft, woody undertones.
Top note: citrus.
Middle note: green floral.
Base note: woods.

Green Tea (fresh fragrances)

Herbal Green Tea

A perfect mash up of cooling citrus and sweet, leafy florals.
Top notes: clean, cooling citrus.
Middle notes: green floral with leafy nuances.
Base notes: woody with warm, musky undertones.

Herbal Green Tea (fresh fragrances)

Linen and Sky

The sensation of being outdoors with soft, fresh, clean hints of florals and crisp citrus.
Top notes: clean, fresh, and ozonic, with a hint of citrus.
Middle notes: fruity mix of florals with crisp citrus nuances.
Base notes: soft, sweet, and musky with floral undertones.

Linen and Sky (fresh fragrances)

Mountainside Wildflowers

Hillside meadow of florals and fresh greens with a subtle blanket of fruit and cucumber.
Top notes: fresh, hint of cucumber.
Middle notes: mixed fruit and florals with intense greens and touch of watermelon.
Base notes: sweet musk and warm herbaceous with floral tones.

Mountainside Wildflowers (fresh fragrances)

Spring Showers

Fresh and lean greens and florals with woody nuances.
Top notes: fresh, clean, and ozonic.
Middle notes: green, watery, floral.
Base notes: woody with musky undertones.

Spring Showers (fresh fragrances)