Set sail with these exotic fragrances

Experience a luxurious tropical getaway with one breath.

Let exotic fragrances transport you to a tropical paradise where soothing waves wash over parched beaches and tranquil shores. Enjoy the sensation of Hawaiian magnolias against a backdrop of midnight woods or a tropical Christmas fused with fruity goodness and joy!

Black Bamboo

Green bay leaf, balsam, juniper berry on a foundation of warm musk and amber woods.
Top notes: leafy green and California bay leaf.
Middle notes: balsamic, ozone, and juniper berry.
Base notes: warm-musk and amber.


Outdoorsy blend of pine and fruit.
Top notes: cooling spice with hint of vanilla.
Middle notes: leafy with woody spruce and tangy citrus nuances.
Base notes: sweet sandalwood with mixed berry undertones.

Charmed (exotic fragrances)

Coconut Lemongrass

A romantic blend of tropical fruit and palm trees.
Top notes: lime, banana, palm leaves.
Middle notes: Hawaiian coconut, fruity.
Base notes: vanilla, warm musk.

Coconut Lemongrass (exotic fragrances)

Escape Type

Surprising ensemble of wonderfully soft florals found only in the great outdoors.
Top notes: clean, citrusy.
Middle notes: powdery floral with beautiful jasmine.
Base notes: soft musk with woody undertones.

Escape (exotic fragrances)

Fruit Fusion

Blend of fresh fruit and creamy vanilla with hint of citrus.
Top notes: tart citrus, sweet vanilla.
Middle notes: hint of peppermint with creamy vanilla.
Base notes: mixed berries with peppery musky undertones.

Fruit Fusion (exotic fragrances)

Golden Bamboo

Fresh citrus and cedarwood on a bed of florals.
Top notes: fresh, mild citrus.
Middle notes: woody, cedarwood.
Base notes: smooth floral undertones.

Golden Bamboo (exotic fragrances)

Grapefruit Vanilla

Juicy, tart grapefruit with sweet, fruity undertones and a creamy vanilla base.
Top notes: crisp, tart grapefruit.
Middle notes: juicy citrus, fruity.
Base notes: sweet, creamy vanilla.

Grapefruit Vanilla (exotic fragrances)

Grapefruit Zest

Grapefruit with a zing of fresh citrus, and green lime and lemongrass.
Top notes: orange peel, fresh, green.
Middle notes: grapefruit, lime, lemongrass.
Base notes: honey, black tea, musk.

Grapefruit Zest (exotic fragrances)

Hawaiian Magnolia

Tart crisp grapefruit and citrus enveloped in fruity florals.
Top notes: crisp, clean with tart grapefruit.
Middle notes: fruity floral nuances with tangy citrus.
Base notes: sweet and musky with mixed berries.

Hawaiian Magnolia (exotic fragrances)


An exotic blend of citrus and sweet tropical florals.
Top notes: citrus, orange peel.
Middle notes: sweet and fruity florals.
Base notes: rich patchouli with smooth, musky undertones.

Hope (exotic fragrances)

Island Tropics

A floral splash topped with bright tangy fruit.
Top notes: clean with hint of cucumber.
Middle notes: fresh and fruity with hint of melon.
Base notes: sweet and musky with floral undertones.

Island Tropics (exotic fragrances)

Mango White Tea

A wonderful blend of citrus, floral, and edible notes.
Top notes: orange and lime.
Middle notes: white tea, fir balsam, and mango.
Base notes: coconut, vanilla, and peach.

Mango White Tea (exotic fragrances)

Marriott Type

Fresh, fruity, greens, and citrus enveloped in sweet florals and warm undertones.
Top notes: lemon, green, fruity.
Middle notes: jasmine, red currant, rose.
Base notes: peach, moss, leathery.

Marriott Type (exotic fragrances)

Midnight Woods

Rich vanilla infused sweet sandalwood and mint.
Top notes: warm spice, mint, sweet vanilla.
Middle notes: leafy with woody balsam, creamy vanilla, hint of mint.
Base notes: sweet sandalwood with warm musky undertones.

Midnight Woods (exotic fragrances)

Pure Paradise

Fresh blend of florals with a hint of herbs and fruit.
Top notes: clean, fresh blend of florals.
Middle notes: mixed fruit and florals with hint of citrus and melon.
Base notes: sweet and musky with floral undertones.

Pure Paradise (exotic fragrances)

Pure Sunshine

Fresh, clean island atmosphere of tropical fruit and florals.
Top notes: fresh, clean, leafy-green.
Middle notes: fruity, mixed berries and sweet floral notes.
Base notes: woody with smooth musky undertones.

Pure Sunshine (exotic fragrances)

Secret Getaway

Intoxicating mix of rich woods, lavender, florals, and warm vanilla with just a hint of citrus.
Top notes: fresh, clean spice with touch of vanilla.
Middle notes: leafy and woody with lavender and hint of citrus.
Base notes: smooth patchouli with floral undertones.

Secret Getaway (exotic fragrances)

Sweet Lavender Melon

Fresh lavender backdropped with smooth vanilla and kissed with fruity florals.
Top notes: clean and fresh with vanilla.
Middle notes: smooth lavender blossoms with soft florals and fruit.
Base notes: slightly spicy with floral and musky undertones.

Sweet Lavender Melon (exotic fragrances)

Tahitian Sunset

A crisp blend of mango and jasmine, with orange, peach, and pineapple top notes.
Top notes: citrus-orange, lemon leaf.
Middle notes: fruity-pineapple, peach, strawberry.
Base notes: musky-melon, coconut.

Tahitian Sunset (exotic fragrances)

Tropical Christmas

An exotic and festive grouping of sweet fruits and green florals.
Top notes: clean and spicy with grapefruit.
Middle notes: citrus with hint of mixed fruity florals and cinnamon and clove.
Base notes: mixed berries with sweet musky balsamic undertones.

Tropical Christmas (exotic fragrances)