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Workplace Cleanliness is Important to Employees and Customers

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workplace cleanliness
Making improvements in workplace cleanliness is a great way to work smarter — and create value for customers. Provide a clean environment for employees and customers. Back it up with good hygiene practices to avoid spreading germs.

Why the Cleanliness of Your Workplace Restroom Matters

“A dirty bathroom is more than a nuisance or a potential health hazard: According to a national hand-washing survey, the condition of restrooms in the workplace indicates to employees just how much their company values them.”

Proper Handwashing — and Drying — Is the No. 1 Way to Prevent Spread of Contagious Disease

“When it comes to preventing the spread of contagious disease, handwashing tops the list of effective strategies. The key is to do it, and to do it correctly, using proper products and techniques.”

Face It — Why handwashing alone is not enough

“If you could see me at work, you would see my face is resting against the palm of my left hand as I look at the computer screen; that may be the biggest mistake I have made today when it comes to preventing the spread of germs and bacteria.”

Restaurant cleanliness more important than customer service, finds report

“Food hygiene ratings have greater influence over a diner’s choice of venue than customer service, according to research by food safety management company Checkit.”

Odor Patrol: Tile and Grout Cleaning

“Grout — the substance filling the void between the tiles — is porous. The smaller the tile, the higher the grout-to-tile ration. So, while grout bonds the tiles together and prevents cracking and chipping, it also harbors soils, contaminants and urine.”

New Fragrances – Fall 2015

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Fragrance Pyramid - Amber NightsWe have introduced four new fragrances to our odor control fragrance line: Amber Nights, Blue Agave, Enchanted Forest, and Pom Springs.

Amber Nights is a rich citrus floral with a woody base. Top notes include: lemon, orange mandarin, tangelo. Middle notes: jasmine, apple, lily of the valley, carnation. Base notes: vanilla, amber, woody, vetivert, moss.

Blue Agave features bright, festive top notes on a floral base. Top notes: bergamot tea, lime, blue agave. Middle notes: lavender, jasmine, woody patchouli. Base notes: bois de rose, woody.

Enchanted Forest enchants with spicy green notes, flowers, and various woods. Top notes: galbanum and green herbs. Middle notes: floral, evergreen, violet, rose. Base notes: woody, vetivert musk, sandalwood, cedarwood.

Pom Springs is a sweet, tropical fruit blend with a vanilla base. Top notes: orange, mandarin, apple, pear. Middle notes: pomegranate, strawberry, raspberry, pineapple, plum, rose, coconut. Base notes: vanilla, woody, amber.

Contact your local Aire-Master service representative to try any of these new fragrances, or any of our other scents.

Concentrated Liquid Deodorant: Blue Lagoon

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Blue Lagoon Concentrated Liquid Deodorant

Blue Lagoon is a water-based, super-concentrated liquid deodorant that eliminates all types of odors on hard and soft surfaces. This product is extremely cost effective — one concentrated gallon can be mixed with water to make up to 32 ready-to-use gallons.

A true odor neutralizer, Blue Lagoon overcomes unwanted odors rapidly and leaves a light, clean, fragrance

Because it contains citronella oil, a natural insect repellant, Blue Lagoon can help control flies and mosquitos. It is environmentally friendly and safe for use around children, people and pets.

Use Almost Anywhere

Will not harm any water-safe surface

  • Spray on soft surfaces such as carpeting, upholstery, and drapery
  • Spray into trash and garbage containers
  • Add to mop water to clean floors
  • Spray around baseboards in restrooms
  • Spray around doors, windows, pet and trash areas for insect control
  • Add to laundry to eliminate odors in clothing, sheets, and towels
  • Add to carpet cleaning equipment to clean and deodorize
  • Pour into floor drains to prevent sewer gas odors
  • Wash pets that have encountered skunk or offensive odors
  • Spray to clean desktops and chairs
  • Spray to clean counters, food preparation, and eating areas
  • Spray into A/C and heating vents and on air filters

Usage Directions

General Maintenance

Use Blue Lagoon in wash water to mop hard surface floors, using 4 oz. to filled mop bucket. Use a spray, 1 oz. to 16 oz. of water, to clean desktops, chairs, and other surfaces above the floor. Spray into air conditioning and heating vents and filters. Use 1 oz. to 16 oz. of water. Place a shallow pan with undiluted Blue Lagoon in crawl space or basement to eliminate odors caused by rodents, mildew, or animal urine that may have permeated subfloor. Mist carpets, drapes, and furniture to eliminate smoke, food, and pet odors.


Spray and wipe vanity surfaces with a 1 oz. to 16 oz. water dilution. Spray around fixtures during the day and spray into air conditioning vents and heat vents. Mop the floor with a 2 oz. to 1 gallon of water dilution. Pour into floor drains to prevent sewer gas odors.


Use Blue Lagoon in place of shampoo to clean the carpets. Use 1 oz. to 1 gallon of water as shampoo in carpet cleaner extraction equipment.

Pet Stains

Clean as much matter from carpet as possible. Apply undiluted Blue Lagoon liberally, allowing it to penetrate to the subfloor. Allow to dry, treat again if necessary. For general control of pet odors, use 2 oz. to 16 oz. of water. Spray in litter boxes, kennels, pet beds, garages, etc. Spray on animals, avoiding eye area.

Flying Insects

Spray undiluted into dumpsters, trash chutes and recepticles to control odor and flying insects.


Use Blue Lagoon and laundry detergent to eliminate odors in clothing, sheets, and towels. Mix 2 oz. per 30 lb. load. Mist comforters & sleeping bags to freshen between dry cleanings.

RV, Bus, & Aircraft Toilets

Dilute at rate of 2-4 oz. to each of 5 gallons of water (2 gallons per 400 gallons of water).


Use Blue Lagoon to wash windows, mirrors, and chrome. Use 1⁄2 oz. to 16 oz. of water. Use as a spray for refrigerators, diaper pails, and other surfaces. Use 2 oz. in 16 oz of water.

Top Restroom Complaint: Bad Odor

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Man with clothespin on noxeIn a recent survey, Americans listed bad odor as their top complaint regarding unpleasant experiences in public restrooms. The survey, conducted by The Bradly Corporation, noted that “nearly 60% of Americans say they’ve had a particularly unpleasant experience in a public restroom due to the condition of the facilities. The top complaints are: a really bad smell (80% of respondents cited odors); toilets that are clogged or not flushed (78% have encountered toilet troubles); and an overall appearance that’s dirty, unkempt or old (72% noted this).” [Emphasis ours.]

The survey also revealed that people do not want to touch anything in the restroom. They will use their feet, hips, and elbows to avoid touching flushers and door handles with their hands.

A restroom that doesn’t look — and smell — clean really does make a bad impression on customers.

New Fragrance: Orange Dreamsicle

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Orange Dreamsicle Fragrance

Aire-Master is pleased to introduce our newest seasonal fragrance — Orange Dreamsicle. Contact your Aire-Master service representative to experience the delicious scent of sweet, fresh orange mixed with creamy vanilla. Orange Dreamsicle will be available through August 2015. Here are some other great fragrance choices for spring and summer:

  • Cherry Berry — Wild cherry and blueberry blend. Top notes: sweet cherry, tropical fruit. Middle notes: sugared blackberry and raspberry. Base notes: warm florals, vanilla undertone.
  • Fresh Orange — Just orange, no vanilla. Top notes: sweet orange zest, fresh lime twist. Middle notes: red navel orange, sweet floral. Base notes: bergamot, orange pith.
  • Summer Breeze —Berries and apples with powdery base. Top notes: warm tropical air, pineapple slice. Middle notes: jasmine, topical florals. Base notes: fresh woods, fresh musks.
  • Tahitian Sunset — A crisp blend of mango and jasmine, with orange, peach, and pineapple top notes. Top notes: citrus-orange, lemon leaf. Middle notes: fruity-pineapple, peach, strawberry. Base notes: musky-melon, coconut.
  • Wild Honeysuckle — Sweet, wild honeysuckle wrapped in a floral medley of golden ylang-ylang and night-blooming jasmine, freshened with sheer citrus musk. Top notes: green, floral, honeysuckle. Middle notes: honeysuckle, jasmine, floral. Base notes: honeysuckle, white floral, musk.

Holiday Fragrance Holly Berry is Back

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Holly Berry Holiday Fragrance

Holly Berry, one of our most requested seasonal fragrances is back for fall & winter. A blend of evergreen and cranberry with a floral twist, Holly Berry has nuances of apples, pine needles, and citrus zest, with spicy, earthy undertones. Contact your Aire-Master service representative to give it a try!

Many of our standard scents are also great fall / winter / holiday fragrances:

  • Apple Cider — Warm, fresh apple aroma. Top notes: black current, ripe jonathan apple. Middle notes: warm apple cider, cinnamon stick. Base notes: applewood, dried clove bud.
  • Cinnamon Spice — Fresh cinnamon aroma. Top notes: cassia and cinnamon spice. Middle notes: warm sweet hay. Base notes: clove bud, creamy vanilla.
  • Cranberry — Sweet cranberry aroma. Top notes: caramelized strawberries, apple peel nuances. Middle notes: tart crushed cranberries. Base notes: applewood, sweet raspberry.
  • Vanilla Bean — Warm, long lasting vanilla aroma. Top notes: sweet floral, coconut nuance. Middle notes: vanilla bean, creamy vanilla. Base notes: sweet sun-kissed hay.
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