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Spotlight on Fly Control

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spotlight on fly control

Flies are disgusting! They carry dozens of diseases, lay eggs everywhere, and they’re annoying. Nobody likes it when they are buzzing about — especially customers. Let’s shine a spotlight on fly control and look at ways to get rid of this pest.

Flies require specific conditions to create an infestation. You can stop the infestation cycle by reducing or eliminating these sources:

  • Light Source — a place to gather and meet up with other insects
  • Warmth — a place to be able to live longer
  • Food Source — a place to eat and drink
  • Reproduce — a way to bring on new insects

In food and drinking establishments, fruit flies may come already inside produce containers. Once they enter a facility they go directly to sink drains where there is a food source attached to the insides. Houseflies come through entry doors and drive-thru windows. They immediately head towards a light source such as exterior windows and light fixtures.

The last thing you want for your customer is to eat with one hand while shooing away flies with the other. It’s time to take action before you lose customers.

Fruit flies and houseflies present in commercial kitchens visit trash containers. Then they land on food prep surfaces, cooking utensils, and dishware. Contamination is then transferred to those preparing and eating the food. Customers and employees appreciate a fly-free area.

A business loses customers when they perceive they are getting sub-standard service. Fly infestation immediately adds to this negative perception. On average, a dissatisfied customer will tell a negative experience to ten other people. Each time they tell their story it gets embellished a little more. By the time the tenth person hears the story, it can have morphed into an extreme exaggeration. The great news is customers will return if the business takes care of their fly problem.

Aire-Master can help you develop a fly control service for your business. Let us help create a no-fly zone quickly and cost-effectively. Contact your local Aire-Master representative and get ready for the upcoming fly season.

fly control products

Aire-Master Fly Control Solutions

Insect Inn Ultra

Install this decorative wall-mounted unit on the “fly highway” where flies travel. Contains a UV light to draw flies and other insects into the trap. Covers an effective trapping area of 4,000 square feet. Trapping surface includes food attractants and mating patterns of flies. Once insects land on trap they are stuck and never leave. Advancing trap surface keeps insects in an enclosed compartment. There are no flying wings, legs or antennae lying about. Safe for use around people, pets, and food prep and eating areas.

Fruit Fly Patrol

Install this decorative wall-mounted or stand-alone insect unit near sink drains where fruit flies and gnats feed. The small size is excellent for placing on counters or near floor drains at the close of business each day. Covers an effective trapping area of 1,000 square feet. Trapping surface includes food attractants and mating patterns of flies. Insects land on trap and get stuck. Advancing trap surface keeps insects enclosed and out of the way. There are no bug parts left around to be seen. Safely use around people, pets, food prep and eating areas.

Metered Aerosol System

This system has an auto-default mode that sprays every 15 minutes; 24-hours a day. Kills flies, mosquitos, and other flying insects. EPA registered and authorized for use under USDA inspection and grading programs. Leaves no lingering insecticide odor.

Green Drain Trap

Install this waterless trap in floor drains to prevent drain odors and pest infiltration. Crawling insects such as cockroaches are unable to enter or leave the drain once the drain trap is installed. There are no pesticides needed. The Green Drain is Universal-Plumbing-Code Certified. It does not impair plumbing maintenance, and it provides sewage backflow protection. Safe for use around people, pets, food areas.

Blue Lagoon

This super concentrated product contains citronella oil, which is a natural insect repellant. Simply spray problem areas to help repel flies and crawling insects. Use around doors and windows, trash and dumpster areas, and outdoor patios. Safe for use around people, pets, and food preparation and eating areas.

Fruit Fly Patrol Service

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Fruit Fly Patrol

Aire-Master has introduced a new service to deal with fruit fly problems. Fruit flies are a big nuisance to businesses that serve food and beverages. They come to any business in the fruit and produce containers. Once they get into the business they head towards a major source of food — the drains.

Conventional fly traps, bug zappers and similar devices are designed to attract a broad spectrum of flies, mosquitoes and other flying irritations. Fruit flies, however, respond to different chemical attractants and UVA light intensity than other insects.

The Aire-Master Fruit Fly Patrol™ combines:

  • UVA light designed to meet the intensity preference of fruit flies
  • Chemical attractants designed specifically for fruit flies
  • Visual decoys on the capture surface
  • Unique, sanitary capture cartridge which lasts longer than competitive products, is clean and easy to remove without touching insects
  • Attractive sconce-style enclosure that can be placed in restaurants, food and beverage preparation areas, and disposal areas.

Flies, mosquitoes and similar insects are, in most climates, a seasonal infestation. With the onset of cold weather they disappear until the following spring. Not fruit flies — they remain an annoying presence twelve months a year. Fruit flies need a control solution that will prevent infestations around the clock and around the calendar.

Fruit flies need 3 major components for an infestation:

  1. A source of food
  2. Light source and warmth
  3. Ability to reproduce

The Fruit Fly Patrol™ offers a highly effective combination of specially engineered UVA lamps, decorative wall mount or free standing unit, exclusive auto advancing 30-day cartridge which meets USDA and FDA guidelines.  It is certified for use in food service areas, and is both UL and CE compliant.

Each cartridge contains fly patterns for fruit flies to meet, pheromones for attracting reproduction, food scent and a UVA light designed specifically for fruit flies.  Tests have shown that the fruit fly cartridge holds up to 10 times the capacity of standard insect glueboards.

Aire-Master can help your business by creating an insect control service specifically directed to the fruit fly problems in bars, restaurants, and kitchen areas. Contact your Aire-Master representative for more information to start a fruit fly control service today.

Concentrated Liquid Deodorant: Blue Lagoon

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Blue Lagoon Concentrated Liquid Deodorant

Blue Lagoon is a water-based, super-concentrated liquid deodorant that eliminates all types of odors on hard and soft surfaces. This product is extremely cost effective — one concentrated gallon can be mixed with water to make up to 32 ready-to-use gallons.

A true odor neutralizer, Blue Lagoon overcomes unwanted odors rapidly and leaves a light, clean, fragrance

Because it contains citronella oil, a natural insect repellant, Blue Lagoon can help control flies and mosquitos. It is environmentally friendly and safe for use around children, people and pets.

Use Almost Anywhere

Will not harm any water-safe surface

  • Spray on soft surfaces such as carpeting, upholstery, and drapery
  • Spray into trash and garbage containers
  • Add to mop water to clean floors
  • Spray around baseboards in restrooms
  • Spray around doors, windows, pet and trash areas for insect control
  • Add to laundry to eliminate odors in clothing, sheets, and towels
  • Add to carpet cleaning equipment to clean and deodorize
  • Pour into floor drains to prevent sewer gas odors
  • Wash pets that have encountered skunk or offensive odors
  • Spray to clean desktops and chairs
  • Spray to clean counters, food preparation, and eating areas
  • Spray into A/C and heating vents and on air filters

Usage Directions

General Maintenance

Use Blue Lagoon in wash water to mop hard surface floors, using 4 oz. to filled mop bucket. Use a spray, 1 oz. to 16 oz. of water, to clean desktops, chairs, and other surfaces above the floor. Spray into air conditioning and heating vents and filters. Use 1 oz. to 16 oz. of water. Place a shallow pan with undiluted Blue Lagoon in crawl space or basement to eliminate odors caused by rodents, mildew, or animal urine that may have permeated subfloor. Mist carpets, drapes, and furniture to eliminate smoke, food, and pet odors.


Spray and wipe vanity surfaces with a 1 oz. to 16 oz. water dilution. Spray around fixtures during the day and spray into air conditioning vents and heat vents. Mop the floor with a 2 oz. to 1 gallon of water dilution. Pour into floor drains to prevent sewer gas odors.


Use Blue Lagoon in place of shampoo to clean the carpets. Use 1 oz. to 1 gallon of water as shampoo in carpet cleaner extraction equipment.

Pet Stains

Clean as much matter from carpet as possible. Apply undiluted Blue Lagoon liberally, allowing it to penetrate to the subfloor. Allow to dry, treat again if necessary. For general control of pet odors, use 2 oz. to 16 oz. of water. Spray in litter boxes, kennels, pet beds, garages, etc. Spray on animals, avoiding eye area.

Flying Insects

Spray undiluted into dumpsters, trash chutes and recepticles to control odor and flying insects.


Use Blue Lagoon and laundry detergent to eliminate odors in clothing, sheets, and towels. Mix 2 oz. per 30 lb. load. Mist comforters & sleeping bags to freshen between dry cleanings.

RV, Bus, & Aircraft Toilets

Dilute at rate of 2-4 oz. to each of 5 gallons of water (2 gallons per 400 gallons of water).


Use Blue Lagoon to wash windows, mirrors, and chrome. Use 1⁄2 oz. to 16 oz. of water. Use as a spray for refrigerators, diaper pails, and other surfaces. Use 2 oz. in 16 oz of water.

Control Flies in Your Business

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Insect InnWhen the weather gets warm, here come the flies. Flies visit dumpsters, sewers, and garbage areas, feeding on all sorts of moist, decaying matter. House flies are suspected of transmitting at least 65 diseases to humans. Nobody likes to see flies buzzing around, especially customers and health inspectors.

Aire-Master can help make any fly problem manageable by using a combination of safe, effective insect control products to establish a line of defense against the vile offenders. We offer a simple monthly service that will create a no-fly zone in your establishment.

Contact your local service representative to set up the right program for you.

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