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About Aire-Master

Company Information

Aire-Master Headquarters Building Aire-Master Sign

Aire-Master began as an original idea by Jerry P. McCauley in 1958 in central Missouri. Jerry McCauley was in the janitorial supply business with his father, at the Atkins-McCauley Chemical Company, when he recognized a niche in the market for a full time deodorizer in public restrooms. There were some companies offering air fresheners that relied on heavy fragrances and strong masking agents to cover up foul odors. To Jerry’s knowledge, none offered an actual deodorizer. Many years of research and development eventually led to what is now the core Aire-Master system: room deodorizer machines, chemical deodorants, and supplies for use in odor control and commercial hygiene service.

Ground breaking

Aire-Master moved to Springfield, Missouri, and was located on south Stewart Street for nearly 20 years. In 1980, Aire-Master of America built a new national headquarters building in Nixa, Missouri, to better house the growth we were experiencing. Over the next 28 years, there have been 4 building expansions to a total building size of 38,000 square feet on approximately 4 acres.

Aire-Master began franchising our odor control and commercial hygiene business in 1976. The first Aire-Master franchise was established in the Seattle, Washington by Elgie and Barbara Gibson. This business is still operation today. There are presently over 80 individually operated franchises in the United States and Canada. Aire-Master of America operates four company owned operations in Missouri, Oklahoma, and Oregon.


For 50 years, Aire-Master has become a leading manufacturer of the products used to support the franchise system. Our products are Made in the USA and Made in Missouri. Manufacturing our proprietary products has helped us to control costs and increase profits. Expansion of the production and warehouse facility has allowed Aire-Master to implement a just-in-time schedule. This assures the quality and freshness of our products. Aire-Master received FDA approved facility status in 1999 which allows us to make hand soaps and sanitizers. This area of manufacturing continues to increase each year.

Contract packaging bottles

Contract packaging is another way that Aire-Master can help a business create a product for testing without having to invest in expensive equipment. Aire-Master partners with business to manufacture the product under the businesses private label. Presently Aire-Master is manufacturing a number of products that are sold through major retailers.

2000 Small Business of the Year Award

The Aire-Master brand continues to increase in awareness due to the industry awards and recognitions we receive. Awards are highlighted in industry publications which result in free publicity. In 2000, Aire-Master received the W. Curtis Strube, Small Business of the Year Award from the Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce. We have also been a finalist for the Manufacturer of the Year Award on two separate occasions.

Entrepreneur Magazine has named Aire-Master as the #1 Restroom Maintenance Service Franchise in 2006, 2007, and 2008. Aire-Master has also been listed on Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500 List for the past 12 years.